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Hello, my name is Nicholas Patella, and I am a Junior here at MAMS. My favorite part about being here is the small size of the school and the ability for the whole school to connect. I haven't had an experience like this since Brevard Academy, which was a charter school I went to for third through fifth grade. I enjoy the atmosphere here and the level of thinking that I could not find at my previous high school. If I have to pick a favorite class, it would have to be STEM because I am eager for the STEM project we are doing. Honestly, I like all the classes here, though. They each teach in a way I have not been taught before, and overall this school is a great experience.

I'm not originally from Massachusetts. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998. I lived there for about 8 years before moving to Brevard, NC. After four years there, I stayed in Tennesee for half a year and then moved to Uxbridge, Massachusetts when I was 13. Today I live in an apartment with my dad and my cat Pepper.

When I'm at home, I'm often on the computer, either programming, watching anime, and playing online games. Lately I haven't had time for the games, though. We get a lot of work at Mass Academy. I'm most active on a site called ROBLOX, which is a virtual online sand-box game engine. There, I program interesting things for users to see. Among them is a CHIP-8 emulator and keyboard piano. A friend and I co-hosted a 30-minute performance (played by him). It's a blast being able to interact with users and hear their feedback.