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Hi, welcome to my website!! My name is Nonnie Komon and I am a 16 year old from Mendon, MA. I am currently a student at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science (MAMS). My sending school is Mount Saint Charles Academy, a private Catholic school in Woonsocket, RI. Scroll down if you want to read more about my life. :)

I was born on November 8th 2001 and will be turning 17 very soon! I live with my parents and my younger sister, Nena. My sister is 13 and although we fight a lot, I love spending time with her. I also have a puppy that I got for my 16th birthday. He is a tiny Pomeranian named Caspar and he is almost 2 years old. Caspar doesn't bark too much, and he's adorable.

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Before coming to Mass Academy, I was at Mount Saint Charles since eighth grade. I played 3 varsity sports: volleyball, swim, and lacrosse, and I also played in an intramural flag football league. I loved the school and I missed all of my friends when leaving, but I was super excited about MAMS. Besides playing three sports, I was also a part of the NJHS, NHS, Campus Ministry, and Math team. For Campus Ministry we mostly handled planning the school masses and setting up social events (dances, fundraisers, tournaments). In math team we competed in the district league and had a few competitions throughout the year.

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I’ve been playing volleyball since 7th grade, from junior high to jv high school, to varsity high school. I also played for Metrowest Volleyball, for 2 years, and played beach volleyball in the summer. For school, I played as a libero/DS, and for club volleyball I played as a setter. In freshman year, my volleyball team won the annual East Providence 9/10 regional tournament, and in my sophmore year we placed 2nd. Both years we made the Division 1 Rhode Island semi-finals. I love playing volleyball and when I'm on the court it helps me relax and focus on the task at hand, so I like to play to relieve stress. Last year, I made the elite team for Metrowest club volleyball and it was a lot of fun. We traveled to big tournaments like Winterfest in CT, NERVA Qualifiers in Springfield, Mizunofest in Boston and many more. I was the setter in a 5-1 rotation, and although I typically prefer backrow/defense, it was a great experience. I was also the team captain as the setter. We did well in the first NERVA tournaments and moved up to AA once.

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I have been swimming my entire life from Crimson Aquatics to the Milford Stingrays team. I started swimmimg at age 4 and began competitively swimming with Crimson Aquatics at age 8. At Age 8, I won the regional 100 breaststroke championship for the Crimson Aquatics team and continually established myself as only a breaststroker. I basically don't swim other strokes. I was on the team for 3 years when I switched to swim for Milford Stingrays Swim Team. Then I joined my high school team and became the team's main breaststroker. I mainly swam the 100 breaststroke, 200 medley relay(breaststroke leg),the 50 freestyle, the 200 free relay, and sometimes the 200IM. My events were mainly sprint-style events, and I qualified for the RI state championships swimming the 200 free relay, and the 200 medley relay. My entire life I have been swimming sprint events until I began swimming the 200IM on my high school team.

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I began playing lacrosse in freshman year because all of my friends were telling me to play. Despite having never played before, I made swing and played in a few varsity games. Sophomore year I made full varsity and was a defensive starter and it has become my favorite sport. I mainly play post-defense but I occasionally am told to play midfield. My sending school's team was D2 lacrosse and although we had a good season we were eliminated in round 2 of the semi-finals. Lacrosse is my all time favorite sport and when I am bored or have some free time, I like to go down to the field with a friend and just practice goals and defensive moves. Lacrosse is a fun and easy sport to pick up, and it is relatively similar to hockey and soccer combined.

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In my free time I like to listen to music. I also attend many concerts for fun; just last year I went to the Selena Gomez concert, the 5 Seconds of Summer concert, the Kendrick Lamar concert,the Ed Sheeran concert, the Shawn Mendes concert, and the Weeknd and Rae Sremmard concert. Other than sports and listening to music, I love to read and its one of my favorite hobbies. My favorite book of all time is "Lord of the Flies" and reading in general is a stress reliever for me. Another thing I like to do in my free time is write. I love writing in general and one of my hobbies is writing short stories or poems. For my old school, we used to submit a lot of our work to an online magazine and the magazine authors would choose their favorite submissions to publish in their actual magazine. I had a lot of my work published, and a notable one is in this edition: Teen Ink Magazine



The past year my major community service has been cutting my hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and the RI Catholic Newspaper explains how the event works and how the hair goes to cancer patients for free. Personally, my hair gets long really fast especially when I cut it. At Mount, there is a tradition of anyone who was willing to donate their hair, to have their friends cut their hair at Friday Night Lights. I did this both freshman and sophomore year because my hair grows fast. I donated 12 inches of hair both years and those were my two major community service events. Having short hair temporarily is not a big deal whereas cancer patients cannot have that experience unless people donate hair.

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