Nilay Barde


Hi, my name is Nilay Barde and I am a junior at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. My sending school is Advanced Math and Science Academy and I attended school there since sixth grade. Before I came to AMSA I attended Grafton public school. My favorite subjects in school are computer science, physics, and mathematics. I have been playing piano for ten years and guitar four years.

Winchester Map

I was born in Winchester, MA. I have an older brother named Sameer Barde who graduated from AMSA. He is now a junior at Northeastern University. Both my parents are from Nagpur, India and most of family is from India. I visit India almost every two years to see my family.

Boston Sports

I am a huge Boston sports fan and I love to watch every game that I can. I love to play and watch football, basketball and baseball. My favorite teams are the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and the Boston Red Sox. I love the environment of going to a sports game, it really gives me a special feeling. Every Sunday, I try and watch as many NFL games that I can with my friends and family. Sports has become a huge part of my life and has allowed me to interact with many different people.

Community Service

I volunteered at Community Harvest Project in Grafton for 60 hours over the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering there and I got close to many of the people there. The team there began to know me as a regular there and I enjoyed my time there more and more. At the farm I was picking fruits and vegetables, washing the fruits and vegetables, and packing them in boxes. I loved the feeling of giving back to my community in such a direct way. Every so often, a Worcester Food Bank truck would come to the farm and we would pack the boxes into the truck. It was such a good feeling to be able help people in need. I absolutely loved my time there and I plan to continue volunteering there over the summer. This time I will be promoted to the position of a team leader. I will be able to show drop-in volunteers how to properly do the jobs at the farm. I am so excited to go back to the farm!