Hello! My name is Niall Dalton. This webpage will tell you more about my life and school. The navigation bar has my various classes and this home page has more information about me.

I am a student at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. I live in Chelmsford and my commute takes about 35 to 40 minutes. For my freshman and sophomore years of high school, I went to Chelmsford High School. The environment there was a lot different, as Chelmsford High School has about 1,500 to 2,000 students, so it was pretty packed. Lunch time was especially bad. Mass Academy has a very different feel, with only 50 students, which allows for a much more individualized experience.

Pond Sunset

Some things I like are Netflix, video games, and just technology in general. My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Psych, and How I Met Your Mother and my favorite video games are The Witcher 3 and Dota 2. Some other favorites include pasta for food, blue for color, and Two Steps from Hell for music. Also awesome is my dog, Tucker, pictured below. He is still a puppy and is an 11 month wheaton terrier.


This summer I got to do some cool stuff. For example, I visited Providence, RI and passed by the HQ of Hasbro. I also went on vacation to Belfast, Maine where my family stayed in a cottage by the ocean. I also went kayaking a lot, as shown in the pictures in the section above. Moreover, my brother graduated last year and moved into college at UMASS Amherst this summer, so it has been quite different in the house without him.

Hasbro HQ