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Welcome Home!!  (haha, home page, get it??? xD)

Please keep you arms and legs in the ride at all times (and boy is this website a wild ride!!)

Things about me (like whether or not I'm human- it's arguable)

   My name is Natalie Niusha Bavar, which literally means born on Christmas obedient believer, so yay fun- I'm a believer (is that song by Smashmouth running through your head now?). Anyway, I surmise that you expect some form of organization, so new paragraph!!

Alright. Family.
   I have two siblings: an older sister and a younger brother, ages 21 and 15 respectively. My parents both have backgrounds in computer programming, so if I'm ever struggling with this website at home, I have not one but two people who can help me out (awesome, right?). My sister goes to Massachusetts College of Art and is double majoring in painting and metalsmithing. Her artwork is amazing, so if you want to see it, click here. She hasn't updated the website in a while (funny story- it's actually run by my dad), but I'm sure there's enough to keep you occupied. My brother enjoys programming and playing computer games, so I could probably ask him for help too!!
   In case you're wondering, which you're probably not if you don't know her, I'm Shadi's cousin. She's a senior ;)

me twirling

Next is what? Hobbies?
   I have played the piano for eight years. You probably think I must be pretty good, but I'd say that I'm just kind of... mediocre? Average at best? Anyway, I play classical music, but I'm trying to branch out of that genre so that when I play pieces for my family (and other people?) they can recognize the song. Right now I'm trying to learn a song called "Always with Me" from the Studio Ghibli movie "Spirited Away", but it's not going too well. Basically, it's hard... but only compared to my skill level. If you want to listen to the version I'm trying to play, click here.
   I did Kung-Fu Wushu for five years when I lived in Brazil, but it was mostly presentational forms. I went to several state competitions and placed well (I have gold, silver, and bronze medals- yay), and I also went to the National Brazilian Kung Fu championship, in which I won third place with my staff form.
   I currently practice Tae Kwon Do and have a black belt (honestly, not as impressive as it sounds, trust me), but I haven't entered any forms competitions or even started sparring. Competitions here are really expensive and I figured it isn't worth it if I'm not even that good. With sparring, I'm just scared of getting kicked. Ironic, right?
   I like reading a lot, but lately the types of books that amused me in the past seem inane and can't capture my interest, so I shall embark on a hunt for a new genre. What really bothers me is that any book written for my supposed age group is filled with copious teen angst and WAY too many love triangles (which are technically love angles, but I'm not even going there right now). I recently went to the library and picked up "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass and What She Found There" by Lewis Carroll. Even though he wrote these stories for children, I can't help but enjoy the lack of sense of the plot as well as the clever little word plays included in the story.
   I occasionally dabble in arting (heck yeah, I'm using it as a verb!!), but I'm not very good. There are pictures in the gallery along with some cool gifs of me doing tae kwon do (if you're interested).

Biography- what's so interesting about my past?
   I was born in Brazil to an American mom and an Iranian dad. I lived there until December of 2010, which was when I moved to the US. Luckily I had good English thanks to my mom, so I didn't have the language barrier that most people experience when they move to a country with a different language. I did, however, enter the school year right in the middle of the year, so that was a challenge, but I'm here now and people are nice, so everything turned out just fine. There were a couple cultural differences that seemed strange when I first arrived, but I've since become accustomed to the changes. Needless to say, life in Brazil was completely different from what it is here. One thing that took a while to conform to was the fact that the largest meal of the day is dinner, not lunch. In Brazil, families come together at lunch time to eat, and then dinner is something small or leftovers of lunch. However, due to the school system here, that is not possible.

my face

I can tell you how many shots it took with my camera (selfie-style, of course) to take a satisfactory picture. Haha, that magic number is (I would insert suspensoids if I could, but these parentheses does the job just right) 6.

me and my three cousins

This is an awesome squad picture with my three cousins. From left to right: me, Niki, Shadi, and Nadia.