The Class of 2017 Welcomes You!


Life At Mass Academy

Congratulations! You found my website! Hi there, my name is Nyle Sharif, and I currently am a junior at MASS Acadmey. Since you found this website, I am assuming that you already know some of the bits and details. However, you may not have an experience, so I believe that telling you, the reader, about my story is imperative on my side. I want to tell you what it means to be in MASS Academy, though I have not been in Mass Academy long enough to develop my opinion. I can at least make assumptions. My first assumption originates from the uniqueness of this school. The structure to student relationship, teacher to student relationship, and peer to peer relationship are all new experiences for me. I have never met teachers who were so interested in personal ideas, and I have never thought that these same teachers would do their best to help a student achieve his or her goal. My second assumption is originates from the actual students. Students who attend or attended MASS Academy would agree with me when I say that each person is very motivated and independent. Personally, I decided to come here for the STEM program, which is supposed to be very tough in the third term. Ironically, I am looking forward to it. I want to see how my idea stacks up against others, and I also want to see whether my idea will come into fruition or not. Anyways, since the year is young, there really is not much for me to talk about.

The Bournedale Experience

I am in the light-blue shirt. This was taken during our MASS Academy field trip to Bournedale.

One memorable experience I had at Mass Academy was our three day and two night trip to Bournedale. Although the primary focus of this trip was to analyze and develop STEM Projects, that did not stop me from having a good time. The image below shows one portion of our Bournedale trip, where my team and I workde together in order to create an aerodynamic device which could travel long distances and sustain air-travel for an extended time. If we devoted ourselves to this lesson with reluctance, the trip would not have been fun. But in the end, I believe I made the most out of the school trip to Bournedale, and Ienjoyed it a lot.