Exploring how nature works through experimentation.

Spring Energy Lab

The write-up for this lab was done in a poster format. As such, the writing is even more succinct, and formatted to be easy to read from a distance.

Penny Drop Lab

Penny for your thoughts?

Rock and Balloon

No data was collected for this lab. Instead, the data was projected using Excel and the kinematic equations. The purpose of this lab was to grow more familiar with Excel.

Uber Problems

Uber Problems are the boss battles of Physics. They involve long, arduous calculations, and a slight miscalculation can lead to a totally incorrect answer. That said, finishing an Uber Problem feels great - just like leveling up!


I found this problem very pulley-sing to solve.


Up, up, and away!


Showing my work was initially tedious, but eventually the proper form was more helpful than hurtful. I love Physics because there are usually many ways to approach the same question, yet there is always a definite answer. I might not know it, no one on Earth may know it, but somewhere in nature, the answer exists – we just have to find it!

Laws of Physics XKCD
Cartoon Courtesy of XKCD