When faced with the question “Who am I”, my mind swirls to find an answer. The first place I look is on my stats sheet: My name is _____, my race is _____, and my gender is _____. The problem is, this description only tells you what I am. Even if all these details changed, who I am would stay the same. My stats don’t define my identity, and they can even add unnecessary bias. Suppose a person had a sibling with my name – it’s possible that their relationship with him or her might change their opinion of me! Their sibling and I share nothing but a tag; for better or for worse, I might be very different from him/her, and any connection is undeserved. Some may argue that stats can affect our life experiences. Agreed, each gender and race has different life experiences, but so does each individual. It’s these individual variations in experience that truly define us.

With that in mind, I return to the question, “Who am I”? The next easiest way to define myself is by what I like to do: I play (the) ______, my favorite subject is ______, and my favorite author is ______. These “All About Me” stats are more personal than the last set. They are part of my life experience, and hint at my identity. Nevertheless, they’re still statistics. For example, knowing these facts might help people decide whether they have common interests with me, but it could never help them decide whether they want to be my friend.

The simple solutions fall through, but I must learn the answer. “Who am I?” I’ll define myself in the only way left - with my ideas and beliefs: I’m eager to explore what I don’t know, and push back that boundary. I believe the point of life is to have a good time, and I think the only way to do so is to consistently follow your moral framework. My morals define me, and I won’t sacrifice my framework to imitate others’ success. I do find it tough to do things my own way especially when other people are doing them better, but I don’t worry about being the best; I simply strive to become a better me. Ultimately, I live for the beauty of life, and I try to find it in every moment I can. The beauty of friendship, of nature, of music, of love. Life is my Eden. I’ve only been here a second, and soon I’ll be gone. But just for now, I’ll enjoy the cool evening breeze on my face, the coo-coo-roo of the mourning dove, and the scent of jasmine blossoms drifting in from the setting sun.

Photographer at sunset Nature
Two Sleeping Kittens
Forest Path