Various assignments/projects that I've conducted in this class using the Mathematica software.


In Math, we are often tasked with developing a model of a real-world problem, and producing a evidence-backed solution. Here are a couple of the presentations that I've collaborated on.

Self-Assessment 1

This assignment involved solving various graphing problems in Mathematica.


HiMCM, short for the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling, is a 36-hour competition, which involves researching a semi-vague problem, imagining possible solutions, modelling those solutions, and then submitting a cohesive paper to communicate results. In our case, the problem was, paraphrased: "People charge their phones everywhere, this gross waste of energy must be stopped!" Our group has a three part solution, but rather than summarize, I'll let you read the summary of the paper down below.

Radioactivity in Hanford County, Washington

Use data from various communities surrounding a nuclear facility in Washington to determine whether there is a higher mortality rate near the facility.


My curiosity is my armor, and my pen is my sword. Though the problems we tackle in this class are |beastly| (absolutely, positively), I’m eager to learn new techniques to take them down. There’s also an undeniable joy in finally vanquishing a problem that you’ve been battling for the past week. Semper fi mathematica!

Laws of Physics XKCD
Cartoon Courtesy of XKCD

Mathematica Overview

Mathematica is a computing system which is used, not just in math, but in most STEM-based fields. In this class, we most often used it for its powerful ability to produce graphical models of data.

Tupper High

Analyze survey data to help the football team at Tupper High determine the optimal price for season tickets.

You're Hired

The challenge: Given enrollment and enrollment trends at a school, determine how many teachers should be hired for the upcoming school year.

Paint Gallery

The challenge: Given a number of paintings and portable wall segments of a fixed size, place the wall segments so that the maximum number of paintings can be seen in a rectangular gallery with cameras on two opposite corners. This problem came from a previous year's HiMCM.

Gas Station Problem

The challenge: Is it better to go out of your way for cheaper gas, or to stay enroute and pay a little more.

MAMS Coal Company

The challenge: Determine how a Coal Company can most effectively minimize the time that trains are waiting to be filled, and maximize profits. This was an optimization problem to the max (ba-dum-tsh) We did it in preparation for HiMCM, and I worked with the same (awesome) team.