Project Brief

This was the initial project proposal that was submitted for review to the IRB and SEFOS. In order for my project to proceed, this document had to be approved.

Literature Review

The Literature Review is a summary of the information that was gathered over the course of this project. It gives credit to the prior research that made this work possible. In Isaac Newton's words, "If I have seen farther than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." Research is all about looking past the current boundaries of science. As such, as a researcher, I needed all the help I could get! The extent of that help is documented in the Lit Review.

Project Notes

Similar to the Lit Review, the Project Notes also cover the sources that helped me during this project, albeit more informally. Whereas the Literature Review is a relatively concise summary, the Project Notes sprawl out over 40 pages. They include everything from people of interest, to identified song databases, to extensive notes on pertinent articles. If the STEM Poster Board is the shining glass exterior of a skyscraper, the Project Notes is the steel and concrete infrastructure that makes it possible.

Statistics Presentation

I entered STEM 1 with close to zero experience with statistics. In order to quickly learn enough to undertake a STEM project, we were broken into small teams which each explored a different statistical test. We then came together and explained our test to the other groups, and each of them did the same. In this way, we not only quickly gained a broad understanding of Statistical tests, but became experts in one particular analysis. We could then use our knowledge to help others who needed it, and gain help from those who had strong understanding of the statistical tests which we ourselves needed.