Course Description

The primary objective of STEM2 is to learn the process of product development by living through it. We brainstorm ideas for assistive devices with the help of the residents of a local assisted living facility. Then, we are split into teams of three or four students, with each team addressing a particular need. My team's project, "Stop ALICE," designed and manufactured a strong, easy-to-use door barricade for individuals with reduced mobility. See the "Problem Description" for more on that.

Problem Description


In an ever-changing environment, individuals need to be prepared for any type of situation, including active shooters. Over the last several years, there has been an increase in training to respond to the presence of an active shooter in any type of environment; schools, health care facilities, social venues, etc. Much of this training relies on individuals evacuating the premises, passively locking down on premises, or actively resisting the entry of active shooters (ALICE Training, 2019). One of the key tenets of ALICE Training is Lockdown, where individuals lockdown to create a semi-secure location when evacuation is not possible (Alive Training). Actively barricading entry points can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. There is a need to have quick and decisive solutions that can prevent entry of active shooters while law enforcement is in route.


The goal of this project is to design a device(s) to help individuals with varying disabilities to quickly barricade a door to hinder the entry of an active shooter.


The presentation below represents our project approximately one month into the design process. We worked towards this product steadily, and though certain factors beyond our control made development tougher, we made it happen. See the final product tab for a look at the fully fabricated design.

Final Product

The final product can be seen below. It comprises of a bar-ricade, combined with a wedge and reverse wedge design.

Reverse Wedge Barricade
Wedge Barricade
Cross-bar barricade