Hi there! Welcome to my webpage!

I'm Marie and I am a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science! (Or if you prefer the lazy way, MAMS.) I live in Shrewsbury, but my sending school was not Shrewsbury High School. My sending school was the Advanced Math and Science Academy (which again can be simplified to just AMSA. I seem to really like schools with acronyms).

Over the summer...

With Dr. Jun Shen

I had the joy of joining the Morton Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a summer intern this year!

The researcher who took me under her wing was Dr. Jun Shen, whose main interests were with genes with hearing loss. Thus, my job as the intern was to analyze the gene expression of genes that were likely to have mutations that cause some type of hearing loss. I did A LOT of gel electrophoresis, PCR, bacterial transformations, and cell culturing (specifically HEK cells).

In addition to benchwork, I attended numerous amounts of conferences and lectures. In my first week, I attended the annual genomics festival where I listened in on the latest research in genomics. The information was overwhelming but I realized that there are so many different aspects of genomics that now I am really excited to be a part of genomic research in the future.

There were also lectures given to new residents and doctors at the Brigham. Although I wasn’t a doctor and I, frankly, didn’t understand a lot of what they were talking about, I was fascinated by how the lecturers (who were all medical geneticists) discovered different genetic disorders and are in the process of trying to treat for their patients. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, so hearing about the accomplishments of doctors for their patients really fascinated me.


For more of the work that I did, please check out this powerpoint that I presented for the lab.

You might ask, “How did she get this internship?” To be honest, my quest for an internship started in freshmen year because I was all high strung up about becoming an intern even as a freshman. Obviously employers won’t take freshman in high school, but I think that effort was worth it. I met a researcher (who worked in the same lab I would work in 2 year later) who gave me her contact information. I essentially bugged the head researcher for 2 years (not all the time, of course, but before the summer, I made sure to contact them). Most of the time, they couldn’t add me into their lab because they already had interns. But I finally got a spot in my junior year, which made me very happy and I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with.

My Hobbies

I love to draw manga, which is basically Japanese comic. I have submitted one of my work in 8th grade to a Japanese manga publisher, but I didn't do such a great job, thus receiving a low score on the manga I wrote. I have not submitted any of my own works since 8th grade, but I continue to draw manga. My school notebooks are all filled with drawings, which really bothers me when I reread the notes, but I, unfortunately, cannot help but draw. I also watch anime and read manga, but I doubt I will have any time to do any of those while I am at Mass Academy. *tear*

I'm going to put up drawings I draw over the course of the year on the doodle board page. Check it out!

I also really like to play card games, like gold fish, rummy, spit, speed, solitaire, etc.

Fun Facts

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