Matt Murphy


Welcome to my website! On this page I will tell you all about myself and my school. Information about my classes can be found in the tabs to the left. My name is Matt Murphy. I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI, or Mass Academy, as we like to call it. This my first year at this school. For the past two years, I went to Oxford High School. Oxford has a great school system, but I wanted to be challenged more in the subjects that I enjoy, math and science. At Mass Academy, there is more of a project-based learning style which allows us to learn just as much from our peers as from our teachers. If you have any questions about the school you can find my email in the "Contact Me" tab.

This is me sailing.

About Me

I live in Oxford, Massachusetts and have lived there all my life. At my sending school (Oxford High) I played soccer and ran both indoor and outdoor track. Click here to go to my sending school's website. This year I still play soccer for my sending school and I will run indoor track this winter, but not outdoor track in the spring because I will be playing soccer for a premier team during the outdoor track season. I run the 600 m and 400 m races, and I also run the 4x400 m relay race. In soccer, I play midfield. I like participating in sports at my sending school so that I don't lose touch with my friends from my school and because I love the sports I play.This is my soccer team after winning a championship.

Outside of organized sports, I enjoy other hobbies such as snowboarding, sailing, and riding jetskis. I also know how to ski, but I prefer to snowboard. I go to Wachusett Mountain often in the winter and sometimes go to other mountains such as Mount Snow or Stratton Mountain in Vermont. I go to Webster Lake, or Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, all the time in the summer, which is where my grandmother lives. We have jetskis and a sailboat there. I have a boating license, so I can ride the jetskis and sailboat whenever I want. I love to come here with my family. Below is a picture from my confirmation with (from left to right) my sister Jen, myself, the Bishop, the priest, my Dad, and my Mom.

This is me snowboarding.
Family photo

This is a cartoon of 
		someone running track.
"Your problem Matt is your maximum oxygen consumption rate. The volume capacity of your lungs is diminished due to a failure of your respiratory muscles thus decreasing the amount of oxygen your hemoglobin can carry, via your bloodstream, to vital muscle tissue. That's why you're about to be lapped."