About Me


I’m Megan Frisella - a senior at Mass Academy (MAMS) from Sturbridge, Massachusetts. My two greatest passions are learning and service. Learning captivates me because there's so much knowledge to explore and discover. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn and collaborate at Mass Academy for my last two years of high school. Service has always been a driving force in my life because I feel privileged to have a home, a supportive family, and a fantastic education. I seek to use these assets to my advantage to help those who may not have them.

me and my family

Academic Interests

I engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities to explore academic areas of interest. In particular, I love learning new and interesting math. I've participated in Western Mass ARML (American Regions Mathematics League) since 9th grade. I compete in tournaments like HMMT (Harvard-MIT Math Tournament), PUMAC (Princeton University Mathematics Competition), MMATHS (Math Majors of America Tournament for High Schools), and ARML at Penn State. I've served as a team captain during my junior and senior years, which entails organizing students during practices and team rounds. I was also a member of the math team at my sending school, Tantasqua High School, and am currently on the Mass Academy math team. I enjoy the problems featured in these competitions because they allow me to apply concepts that I've learned in new and unusual ways, posing a fun challenge and developing my problem-solving skills. Another important academic extracurricular of mine is the Mass Academy Programming Team. During my junior and senior years, I have explored difficult programming problems and competed in competitions such as the UNH Programming Contest and the American Computer Science League (ACSL). As a team captain this year, I plan topics and programming problems for practices and coordinate for competitions.


I absolutely love to sail. I started sailing in 2014 at Camp Fuller in Rhode Island. In 2016, I achieved certification as an advanced sailor. I have a connection to sailing and to Camp Fuller because they were some of my grandfather's greatest passions. He attended the camp summer-long for his entire childhood and went on to become a counselor. He became a skipper (the highest certification) at age 9! I also enjoy lacrosse and skiing. I've been playing lacrosse since 7th grade. I'm currently a member of Tantasqua High School's Varsity Lacrosse team, where I play midfield and attack. I've been a member of Tantasqua's ski club since 7th grade.

playing lacrosse
my violin


I began playing the violin in 8th grade. Although my sending school did not have an orchestra, I have been taking private lessons and perform twice a year at my church. I have doubted my skill level compared to other students my age because I started playing considerably later than my peers. Playing the instrument has taught me, however, that the value in a hobby does not come from success or achievement. Rather, I have found that it comes from a love for playing and truly doing it for myself. My favorite piece to play is Seitz's Concerto No. 5 (3rd Mvt.) because of the elegant, upbeat tone and variety of bowing techniques.


I became interested in photography in 2014, when I began taking photos on my iPod. Since then, I have drastically upgraded my equipment :) and have grown tremendously as a photographer. I love experimenting with different cameras, lenses, and editing software and enjoy photographing nature. I primarily take macro shots, but I also shoot the occasional landscape photo. Here are a few of my favorites:

my photography my photography my photography my photography my photography my photography

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