Mihhail Berezovski, PhD
Post-Doc Scholar
(Visiting Assistant Professor)

Research Interests:
My research interest lies mainly in the realm of the computational mathematics and mathematical material science. The main subject of my research is numerical analysis of dynamic response of advanced and novel materials such as micro-structured, multifunctional, hierarchical, and dynamic materials.

My research can be separated into the three following major categories:

Numerical methods for hyperbolic PDEs:
  • Development of higher-order finite-volume algorithms for wave propagation in linear and nonlinear media, including thermo-elastic, electromagnetic, and shallow water waves.
  • Higher-order finite-volume algorithms for dispersive waves in materials with microstructure, periodic and functionally graded media.
  • Font tracking algorithms for shock waves and phase-transition fronts.

Mathematical Material Science:
  • Analysis and implementation of constitutive models for wave propagation in heterogeneous and anisotropic material with microstructure at different time and space scales.

Computational Solid Mechanics:
  • Numerical analysis of dynamic response under impact loading of advanced and novel materials such as micro-structured, bio-inspired, hierarchical, and dynamic materials.
  • Numerical simulation of wave propagation in acoustic metamaterials (phononic crystals) with focus on negative index materials and acoustic diode.
  • Dynamic energy redistribution by wave handling in complex material structures.

Latest updates:

Next talk: 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 10 - 13, San Antonio, TX.
Evaluation of teaching
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 2014: TRAINING AND RESOURCES

Contact Information:

Mihhail Berezovski
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609

Office: Salisbury Laboratories, 408A
Phone: +1-508-831-6507

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