2012 - 2013 Shows

Inherit the Wind

B Term - November 21st - 23rd at 7pm, The Little Theatre
Inherit the Wind is a fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" Trial, which resulted in John T. Scopes's conviction for teaching Charles Darwin's theory of evolution to a high school science class, contrary to a Tennessee state law. The play is a fiery piece with strong, moving characters and spectacular theatrical moments.


C Term - February 13th - 15th at 7pm, The Little Theatre
Jo, a female journlism student, and Jules, a male marine biologist, meet in a subterranean biology lab for an erotic "casual encounter." But there's nothing casual whatsoever about this particular evening. Will meaningless sex have meaning? What's going on in the fish tank? And who is that woman, Barbara, pulling levers in the corner? Something is about to explode.

New Voices 32

D Term - New Voices is the annual drama Festival put on by WPI. The plays are written by students, faculty, and community members and only a lucky few make it through the selection process. The plays are then produced, directed, and performed by members of the WPI Community.