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2015 - 2016 Shows

A Term

The Taming of the Shrew

September 29 - October 1, 2016 at 7pm, The Little Theatre
Directed by Tim Jones
Produced by Monique Desnoyers

B Term

Tales of the Lost Formicans

November 17-19, 2016 at 7pm, The Little Theatre
Directed by Alicia Weber
Produced by Ryan Herrmann

Experience humanity like never before in Constance Congdon´┐Żs Tales of the Lost Formicans. On view November 17, 18, and 19, this show is presented by WPI Department of Humanities and Arts and Masque. The performance is directed by Alicia Weber and produced by Ryan Herrmann. You will be guided through an exhibition like no other by our cast, which includes Leah Steigerwald, Benjamin Child, Christian Roberts, Meghan Flynn, Katelyne Sibley, Gavin MacNeal, Robert Boulanger, Sarah Bucknam, and Lucius Park. Come view Tales of the Lost Formicans, November 17, 18, and 19 in the Little Theatre.

Alpha Psi Omega 14th Annual Show in 24 Hours

December 10, 7:00 PM
Produced by Nicholas Shannon

C Term

Spider's Web

February 16th - 18th, 2017 at 7 pm, Little Theatre
Directed by Shannon Healey
Produced by Richard Cole

Clarissa, the wife of a Foreign Office, has a wild imagination. She lives in the slow, boring countryside where nothing ever really happens apart from entertaining guests. Thus she develops an interesting game called supposing. She often wonders and imagines what her life would be like if she made certain choices. Supposing I were to come down one morning and find a dead body in the library, what should I do? she muses. What am I going to do? Clarissa earns the chance to find out what would happen if her supposing game came true when she finds a body in the drawing room of her home. Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband comes home with an important foreign politician, Clarissa persuades her three houseguests to become accessories and accomplices. It seems that the murdered man was not unknown to certain members of the house party (but which ones?), and the search begins for the murderer and the motive, while at the same time trying to persuade a police inspector that there has been no murder at all.
Prepare for a night of mystery, mischief, mayhem, and murder! Masque and the WPI Humanities & Arts: Drama Theatre will entangle you in Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web from Thursday February 16th to Saturday February 18th in the Little Theatre. The Queen of Suspense spins a tale of murder, blackmail, and deception in a mysterious mansion.

D Term

Show Case: A Reflection on LGBTQ+ Acceptance and Inclusion at WPI as Told Through Previously Produced New Voices

April 12-15, 2016 at 7pm, The Little Theatre
This D Term, HUA and Masque will showcase plays written, submitted, and selected from previous New Voices that revolve around a common theme.

Click here for a list of past shows performed by Masque and its associated companies in conjunction with the WPI Department of Humanities and Arts.