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Minutes - November 7, 2014


Nick Shannon: If you're working on the show, come grab a t-shirt and buttons after the meeting. Advertise. Come help us paint and set build after the meeting! Tomorrow from 2-8 pm, we'll be cabling and gel-ing.
Maeve: Poster hanging is tomorrow at 11 am. We're meeting at the stage door. Come help me... PLEASE!

Academic Update

ISP forms were due today at 5 pm!

Theatre Tech Update

Everything's in the flow for this production. If you're not on the show, you're always welcome to get involved.

This Week In Theatre

There's a show called 'In The Heights'. It's really cool. It's going on at the Westford Academy (it's 30 mins away from here). Tickets are $12. They open November 14th-November 25th. Check out the link: [click here].


How do you know if an aeroplane is full of actors? When the engine stops, the whining continues.
How many actors does it take to wallpaper a set? Only three but you have to slice them pretty thin.
What's the most dangerous thing in the theatre? An actor with a power tool.


Meeting next week.


We have AUDITIONS next week! Here's the link: [click here].
If you have any questions about auditions, please email avq-exec@wpi.edu.
If you don't know what monologue that you want to go with, don't worry! AYO will be there to help you find one and give you tips on auditioning.

Hourglass ETC

Taymon is working on a website. You'll see it soon. If you're interested in joining, let Dylan know.


On Nov 21st 2014, we're having auditions for the joint SCP-Socomm for "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" More info to come!! Email Mark Swanson (darkmark@wpi.edu).

{Empty Set}: Sometime in December, we're going to have a choose your own adventure show! It's going to be great! C-term show is going to be "{empty set} goes dry!"

Kilroy: "Twelve Nights Till the Night Before Christmas".


Seabass: It's Inauguration!

Other Others



This Week's Question: What is a Kicky Wicky?
This Week's Winner: Emily Aldrich! She said: It's a Shakespearean word for 'wife".
Also congratulations to Andrew Vanner for his creative answer: "A Kicky Wicky is a candle invented in 1924 by a team of professional bee keepers. Upset that their candles would always be extinguished by a gust of wind, they used bee's wax and human hair to develop a candle that could only be extinguished by a swift kick. Initially a success, it quickly faded out of popularity due to setting too many fires."