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Minutes - January 16, 2014


Welcome back! Happy C Term!
We're having load-in this weekend. Starting tomorrow between 10/11 AM. Meet at the LT. If you're taking the show for credit, talk to Hewgley/Maeve.

Academic Update

1) REMINDER: NEW VOICES 33 SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 30th at 5 pm electronically. For more information, see: http://users.wpi.edu/~theatre/new-voices/index.cgi?page=whatis
2) ISPS!
We are NO LONGER accepting ISP forms via email. You must now submit all forms through TECHSYNC! See instructions below!
Join the Drama/Theatre techsync page here: https://orgsync.com/103202/chapter

*ISP Application and Safety form due on techsync: January 30th, 2015 @ 5pm
*Retroactive Credit form due on techsync: January 30th, 2015 @ 5pm
*ISP Hours form due on techsync: February 14, 2015 @11:59pm

NEW Instructions for submitting your digital ISP forms:
1. Go to https://orgsync.com/103202/files
2. Click on the “ISP Credit Information and Forms” link
3. Download the appropriate forms for your ISP and save them to your computer.
-- If you have questions about which forms you need, ask the PLAs!
4. Open the forms in Microsoft Excel (if you have a Mac and do not have Microsoft Office, Numbers in the iWorks suite will also work).
5. Fill out the forms DIGITALLY do not print!
6. Once you are finished, SAVE AS and make sure to CHANGE THE NAME of the document (if you are working in a number other than Excel, please change the file extension to .XLS or .XLSX).
-- A good naming convention is lastname_showtitle_formname.
7. Go to https://orgsync.com/103202/forms and select the appropriate form to upload your file to.
8. You're done! If you have any questions, please email dt-isp@wpi.edu. The PLAs will be happy to help you!

Theatre Technology Update with Erika

The locks in both doors for the Alden Green Room have been re-cored. If you have an old key, turn it in to Erika and get a new one.

This Week In Theatre

THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE by William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin
"Can you spell syzygy? Join William Barfee, Olive Ostrovsky, Leaf Coneybear and their competitors in this endearing and uproarious musical comedy about middle-schoolers facing the challenge of tricky works and their own personal demons as they reach for the top in the annual spelling bee."
Directed by Julia McCarthy '15 An Alternate College Theatre production. Fenwick Theatre
Date: January 29-31, 8:00 PM and January 31 and February 1, 2:00 PM For tickets and further information call (508) 793-3490.


Due to last night's success with Avenue Q, the new A-term musical will be Avenue Jew. It's a mashup with Fiddler On The Roof and Avenue Q. It's on youtube. See it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOq97zaBhko
Advice to actors in Eurydice & Avenue Q:
-A performance like concrete should be molded and then set.
-First responsibility should be finding your light.
-Always be specific. Point to what you're talking about.
-If a line isn't working for you, change it.
-Cultivate an attitude of hostility. "NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY!!"
-Never be afraid of ad-libbing to get attention.
-Mistakes are never your fault.
-Never carry make-up.
-Help stage managers keep alert by not signing in.
-Never help understudies. Why should they steal your business?
-Help your fellow actors by giving them notes whenever you feel that it's necessary.
-Speak your lines as if your audience had difficulty understanding the language.
-Play the reality; beware of the audience.


No meeting after this. Come to say hi to us at concessions for Avenue Q.


Avenue Q opened last night and it was awesome. If you missed it, don't fret, you have TWO more chances to see it (tonight and tomorrow night at 7 PM). Come join us with the shenanigans. It will be a blast!

Hourglass ETC



Still doing joint Socomm event. Ask Mark (darkmark@wpi.edu) for more information. If you're interested in being a part of improv, do it.

{Empty Set}: We are doing calnedars ({ Empty Set } Presents: 12 Months of Christmas)

Kilroy: We will be voting on what sketched will be in the show this term on Tuesday at 8 PM in the Morgan Room (probably).


Meredith: I finished my first week of nursing school!
Gaggles: Come help out with strike tomorrow for Avenue Q!
Lena: Updates on the salad spinner will be available next week.

Other Others



This Week's Question: "One actor is humming backstage. Another is whistling. Which actor is violating a theatre superstition?"
Quickest Answer: Sebastian Espinosa! Me! I don't believe in superstition but the answer is whistling.
Honorable Mention:
-Hannah Brown: The one who's whistling! When set pieces were moved by stagehands with rigging, they would signal scene changes to each other with whistling. If someone else were to whistle backstage, it could be mistaken as a signal a scene change at the wrong time and that would just not end well for everyone involved.
-Nick Shannon: "They are both violating theatre superstition in the fact that they are about to summon the wrath of the fabled "backstage manager"...or worse the "stage manager". Both will hear noise backstage and come flying onto the scene (or send an emissary) to hiss "QUIET BACKSTAGE!". But actually...its the whistler."
-Meredith Ghilardi: "The whistler is violating superstition!"
-Michael Gagliano: "the whistler unless they're whistling avenue Q, which is perfectly acceptable."
-Maeve McCluskey: "The one one who is whistling!"