Minutes 4.4.2014


Emma: Scott's building a shelf on the top of the Props and Costumes Closet. We need help to move things around in the closet at 11 am. So come and help! It'll be good.

Current Term:

Greg: Light hanging in LT from noon to 10pm. Sunday, we're having light focus. Please come by and help!

Bree: Sustenance email will be going out. If you need food that means you’re going from class/meeting to theatre.

John: At 1 pm, projection work starts! We're going to be building a screen. We'll meet in the Alden Green Room at 1.

MW Rep

Erika: There was a meeting. Things happened.

Jason: We voted on a new configuration for MW Rep board. There will be three members: 1 trustee (who will be an alumni). They will be responsible for the cash box. There will be another board member, Alumni and Community Relations (who will be student/alumni/community member), and the Director/Producter of the Current Term Show (responsible for student relations).

Ari: Also called the Last Unicorn.

Jared: Jony is currently on the board until we have new elections. Sebastian and I are acting as the board members for other parts. We will have meetings in the current weeks. Dates: TBA. Two meetings: voting meeting and board election meeting. Look for an email! It's gonna be great!


We have a new induction class. Yay! Congratulations. There are six inductees: Owen, Maeve, Dylan, Ari, Sarah, and Julian.

We have a meeting after this.


Again, festival is April 24th-26th.

{Empty Set}

We decided that we wanted to do an Annual {Empty Set} prank. Ian and Mark made six posters around campys and put them up at 1 am: Doctor Who, etc.

Also, tomorrow 11-1pm, we have open rehearsals! You should go because it's fun.

We're performing in the SCP festival.


We'll be in the SCP festival on Saturday. You should come to the SCP thing.

Guerilla Improv

They had some debates. They were funny. British people were funnier, though.

This Week In Theatre

The article that Lena read in the meeting:

Academic Update with the PLA's

Lena: ISPs are up. Please check your Bannerweb. If it's not right, let me know.


Today in Theatre Workshop, we learned that the sound of watermelon was really gross... We did our sound project.


This Week's Trivia:
What is the name of a line run where actors speak their lines as fast as possible?

Correct Answer:
An Italian Rehearsal.

Trivia Winner:
Jason: Slalom! Just kidding I have no idea. I just made that up. However, I know suicides are a thing, but that's when you run lines and if you mess up you start again.


I'm sure all of you have been wondering this. If you haven't, you have. Where does the phrase "break a leg" come from?

What else are you going to do with the cast?


Mark: On all the pank {Empty Set} posters, is a hidden pair of brackets.

Jared: For those who don't know, I am full-starting and completing my theatre MQP this term. I'm making a technical guide to the LT. Yeah, it's going to be fantastic. I'm going to be reaching out to a bunch of you that are respective experts in your field.

Erika: I'm doing a talk at the TEDxEvent. This is about post-production discussions. If you have thoughts about what has been important to you, please email me ASAP so I know what I'm saying before Sunday morning. I'd like to know what you guys think!