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Minutes -- August 29, 2014

A Term

Lou: Hey guys! I'm the producer for the A-term show. We still have a few production positions to be filled. We have auditions next Tuesday and Wednesday (6-9 pm). First production meeting, after Masque meeting next Friday. beams-exec@wpi.edu.

B Term

Hewgley: If anyone is looking to do a practicum, let us know. And we're still looking for a producer.

Academic Update with Susan Vick

Susan: Welcome everyone! Glad to see you here. Buster's surgery was successful and I broke my writer's block. I have rewritten the HUA page. Erika and Lena have proofread it. Maeve will be uploading it soon. Please familiarize yourself with this site so that you can keep up with the academic things. The one on the website at the moment is flawed, when the new one is up we'll email Shannon and she'll let you know.

Lena is the PLA Learning Assistant for HUA Drama/Theatre and academic stuff. Maeve works in the office as the Webmaster and resource librarian. Located in SL 18 (downstairs). Little Theatre is behind Riley Hall.

Office Hours:
Lena: M: 10am-12pm & 3:30-5:30pm, Th: 3:00-5:00pm.
Maeve: T, F: 3-5pm, Th: 12:30-2:30pm

Theatre Tech Update with Erika

Erika: Hi, I'm Erika. I'm the head of Theatre Technology at WPI. They are the LT squad: Ari (Facilities Manager), Julian (LT Squad Lighting and Sound Specialist), Scott (Scenic Design and Installation Specialist: "All things Scenic"), Owen West (Steward of the Green Room), Heather Selmer (Squad Associate). For anyone working on the Masque A-term show, Ari is the liaison.

This Week in Theatre



Theatre is a family. How many producers does it take to change a lightbulb?
None. Do we even need a light bulb?

Javert doesn't like to read because once he learned his ABCs he could not find the letter of the law.

Other Announcements

AYO: Scott- We have a meeting after this. So if you're in AYO, please stay afterwards. AYO is the dramatic honours society. I'm the President. Lena and Bree are officers. We do stuff and have fun. Yay!

VOX: Kristen- VOX is VOX musical theatre. We have a show in 12 days. It's Les Mis. Reserve tickets! Saturday's sold out. We're looking for ushers! www.wpi.edu/~vox


SCP: Mark- SCP is Student Comedy Productions. Contains three groups: Kilroy, GI, and {Empty Set}. We have a show tonight at 8 pm, Campus Center Odeum and is hosted by your humble fabulous.

GI: Has auditions. Email: gi@wpi.edu for more info

Kilroy: Andy- First official meeting soon! Email: kilroy@wpi.edu for more info.

{Empty Set}: We have open rehearsals and auditions. Talk to Mark Swanson for more info. darkmark@wpi.edu or emptyset@wpi.edu


Nick Shannon: If anyone wants to come help me with truck runs, let me know.

Lou: I'll be outside if you want to talk to me about A-term.

Hannah: Come and see me if you have questions about the A-term show!

Other Others



This Week's Question: What's the process of the set and props moving into the theatre for the first time called? This Week's Winner: Bree! She said: Dressing the Stage :) YAY!