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Minutes - September 14, 2014

A Term

Lou: There will be a meeting in the LT right after this.
Meredith: There is a show next week! Come see the show Thurs-Sat at 7 pm!
Ted: If you guys want to usher, please talk to me. Email tcarmstrong@wpi.edu.
Maeve: Reserve your tickets at wpi.edu~theatre.
Dolan: We need run crew (2 people). Talk to Dolan. Email dmmurvihill@wpi.edu.

B Term

We're doing "Enemy Of the People," so express your interest! Owen is looking for an Assistant Producer. We're looking for a Publicity Coordinator. We'll close on September 28th for designers and on October 3rd for Crew Heads.
Production Interest Form link.
Auditions will be on October 7th and 8th. Callbacks will be on the 9th. Send your questions to enemy@wpi.edu.

Academic Update with Susan Vick

Webpage is updated. You can take 1/3 ISP with Jeff Zinn in B-term (Playwriting Seminar). If you're interested, contact Maeve or Lena.

Theatre Tech Update with Erika

Looking for practicum folder from last D-term, let me know. Email erikastone@wpi.edu.

This Week in Theatre

"The University of Massachusetts Lowell Off-Broadway Players Present Stage Manager: Matthew Lambert- The "Masters of Theatre" Workshop Series
-- LOWELL, Mass. - The University of Massachusetts Lowell Off-Broadway Players would like to present Matthew Lambert as part of the "Masters of Theatre" Workshop Series. Lambert will be presenting a workshop about stage management on Monday, September 22nd from 7:00PM to 9:20PM at The Comley Lane Theater, Mahoney Hall, UMass Lowell South Campus: 870 Broadway St. Lowell, MA 01851.

Matthew Lambert is a professional Stage Manager, Company Manager, House Manager and General Manager. He received his BFA in Theatre Management from The Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University in Chicago. He worked on Broadway for the performances of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Peter Pan. Lambert has also worked on a variety of national tours, such as, The Boy Friend, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Buddy Holly Show, Showboat and many others. His current undertaking is Disney's National Tour of The Lion King.

In these theatrical endeavors, Lambert has worked with directors Julie Andrews, Julie Taymor, Charles Nelson Reilly and Hal Prince, as well as actors John Lithgow, Norbert Leo Butz, Cathy Rigby, Carl Anderson, Julie Harris, Charles Durning and Donny Osmond.

This is event is open to both UMass Lowell students and the general public. There is no admission price for this event however; Lambert's workshop will benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Donations will be accepted at the door.
-- The Off-Broadway Players at The University of Massachusetts Lowell are the official student-run theater group of the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The group produces shows and workshops each year while collaborating with theatre arts faculty and other student organizations to promote student activity on campus and generate an interest in theatre and the arts. For more information please contact The Off-Broadway Players at umloffbroadwayplayers@gmail.com."


I'm still suffering from PDSD. Do you know what PDSD? It's Post Dramatic Stress Disorder.

How many playwrights does it take to change a lightbulb?
Change? Why does it have to change? It's fine the way it is.

We listened to the Anti-Hazing Agreement Song by Neil Pomerleau.

Other Announcements

AYO: We have a meeting at 6 pm in this room. If anyone is struggling with production positions or need general theatre help, always feel free to come to members of AYO. Also email ayo@wpi.edu
Auditions for the B-term show or just general audition help: On Monday October 6th 7-9 pm, Ian and Dylan are running an auditions workshop.

VOX:We have interim/replacement elections on tuesday!! We are looking for interim VP and Publicity coordinator! We're also looking for Replacement Technical director!
C-Term pitching is coming up! Pitches due to vox-exec@wpi.edu by September 30th. Actual pitching meeting is the October 7th. It will be fun and there might be candy...


SCP: We are considering doing the B-term stand up show that we did last year. If you're interested in doing stand up, let us know at scp@wpi.edu.


Kilroy: They have a filming schedule. Thanks Kilroy for letting us use your microphone for Beams.

{Empty Set}: We've planned our show! We've taken the movie "The Gorilla" and we've put it on mute and we're currently writing a script for it. It'll be on October 10th at 9 pm in a room.


Maeve: We have a Masque website. Prior to about two weeks ago, it was hideously out of date and super ugly. It's been fixed. APPLAUSE! There is still work to be done. Current constitution is up there. If you have anything you'd like to see on the website, let Maeve know. Post photos to our Instagram and Twitter! Our website: www.wpi.edu/~masque.
Dolan: Please come by the studio to help us out with prepping for "BEAMS."
Joe: As catchy as this auto tune is, if you're hazed in Masque, let us know. And don't forget that it's Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Lena: If anything happens that makes you uncomfortable, come to any of the officers or AYO.
Congratulations to Sarah Gardinier, who has been elected as Interim VP Props and Costumes for B-term!

Other Others



This Week's Question: What do you do when someone shouts 'Heads' on stage?
This Week's Winner: Joe Brown! He said: Pick one of the following options: -Hope the coin comes up Tails, because we're drama people with schadenfreude. -Join in singing "...Shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes" -Grab a hammer and hit the heads of the mechanical animals as part of the arcade game that is being built for the set -Duck and cover because a house may be about to fall on you -Stand there at wait for the falling item to hit you - take it like a man... albeit one about to be concussed.