Masque Theatre!

New Voices 32

D-Term 2014

New Voices is America's longest continuously running collegiate new and original play festival. Since 1982, New Voices has featured original, unpublished scripts from the WPI community. This year's festival consists of nine original works, eight plays and one musical. The plays that will be performed each night are:
The Global Wish Fulfillment Agency by Maeve McCluskey
I'll See You Tomorrow by Dolan Murvhill
On the Way: The Musical by Michael Gagliano and Jeffrey Collard
A Promise by Andrew Smith
Quantum Madness by Nicholas Medeiros
Red Hair by Despoina Giapoudzi
Repudiation by Shannon Healey
Three Ways from Here by Hunter Putzke
War Stories by Samuel Teatum

New Voices will run from April 16-19th, 2014 at 7:00pm in WPI's Little Theatre. Performances are free and open to the public. Reservations can be made at


About Masque

Masque is one of the theatre companies of Worcester Polytechnic Institute! Theatre is the art of shadowing life, of bearing the essence of humanity on stage. Masque is dedicated to this art form.

Masque holds weekly meetings at 5PM in the Alden green room.

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