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Masque is the straight theatre company of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Theatre is the art of shadowing life, of bearing the essence of humanity on stage. Masque is dedicated to this art form.

Masque holds weekly meetings at 5PM in the Alden green room.

Maintenance History
D11-C12-Present: Nick Teceno
D07: Richard Pavis
D06-C07: Bob Breznak
C05-C06: Dylan Fitzgerald
D04-B04: Mike Schenck
D02-C04: Tara (Ellsworth) Hamond

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or problems, feel free to drop the current webmaster a line.

This site is currently being reworked, feel free to email the webmaster (teceno_nick@wpi.edu) with any comments or concerns. constructive criticism is appreciated and encouraged.