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D-term 2015: New Voices 33

Produced by Samantha Foote
What happens when you put experimentation, questions, tea, secret agents, bears, and thieves all together in one festival? Come find out the answer at New Voices 33. What's New Voices 33 you may ask?

Tell you, I shall.

Well, it is the annual drama festival put on by WPI. The plays are written by students, faculty, and comunity members and only a lucky few make it through the selection process. The plays are then produced, directed, and performed by members of the WPI Community. New Voices 33 will run from April 15th-18th, 2015 at 7:00pm in WPI's Little Theatre. Performances are open to the public. Tickets cost $5. Reservations can be made at wpi.edu/~theatre.


What is Masque?

MASQUE, and the affiliated groups it hosts, is a theatre-producing organization on the WPI campus. Collectively, we produce a total of four shows in one academic year, one in A-term and B-term, one in C-term, and an original play festival (New Voices) in D-term. We are a student-run organization which gives students the opportunity to be involved in any aspect of theatre - acting, producing, writing, directing, publicizing, set, lights, designing, etc. Using our uniquely customizable space, the Little Theatre, we are able to combine creative technical elements with modern and classical theatre.

Masque holds weekly meetings at 5:00 PM in the Alden Hall Green Room.

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