Oh no! You can't see my face! What a shame....

Hi, I'm Magnus!

I’ve lived my whole life around the world. In 15 years, I’ve gone to 17 different countries in 4 continents. I was born in Singapore, where my father worked as a professor in fluid mechanics. We moved to Saudi Arabia when he got a better job opportunity. Then my mom took my sister and I to America to get a better education. Because of that, my sister got into MIT on a scholarship. Now I’m attending MassAcademy for the rest of my high school career!

Hobbies and Activities

As I’ve traveled throughout my life, I’ve picked up something from every little place I’ve been to. From Saudi, I picked up the hobby of playing soccer, or the true football. I played for a year in Saudi, and try and play it at school when I have time. After Japan, I started to watch anime. I used to watch shows like Naruto and Mobile Suit Gundam as a kid, and that still sticks with me today. Recently, I also gained a new hobby: using computer-assisted design, or CAD for short. In my sending school, Minuteman High School, I was introduced to Autodesk Inventor, a 3D modeling software that allowed me to create anything I wanted. In part, it was because I’ve loved engineering for as long as I remember. I loved to take apart things as a kid, like my mom’s extension broom in Saudi. That’s probably why she also kept expensive things away from me! I think Autodesk Inventor gave me some of my most enjoyable experiences in engineering.


Two hobbies that have stuck with me since Singapore were playing video-games and drawing. I’ve always been interested in the fantastical and wacky worlds of video games, even if it did start with a game as simple and boring as Minesweeper. I liked challenges, so the initial boredom was worth it. Doesn’t mean I was good though. Over time, hearing how all my friends were having fun in these games, I wanted to play with them, so now I play games like Overwatch occasionally. There are some other games that I’m trying to beat, like Dark Souls and Bioshock, with very interesting stories and fun game mechanics. It’s a big part of why I like drawing characters so much as well. Lately, I've been drawing because I’m drafting a design for an engineering project or drawing a picture on the back of a notecard for Mr. Ellis. I wish I did it more, since it’s so much fun! I like creating characters that have powers and their own personalities. I don’t have the skills to create a character in a game, but I can draw what they could look like. Drawing also shows me where I’m lacking in skill, whether it’s drawing eyes or shading hair properly. I can get very critical of myself, so it’s nice to know what I’m doing wrong in my hobbies, and I love the challenge to get better at them.

Other things that I like are Netflix comedy specials. Some comedians can be extremely funny! Some of my favourites are Louis C. K., Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Kevin Hart, Bo Burnham, and John Mullaney. I’ve watched some of them with my friends, and we always end up hurting from laughing too much!

Besides laughing, I also like music. When it comes to music that I like, I like a wide variety, from jazz to EDM. I usually just listen to music that my friends like since I don’t really pay attention to new releases, but some artists are necessary to listen to. My top 5 genres of music, with respective artists, are alt rock with The Strokes, rap with Kendrick Lamar, jazz with Duke Ellington, metal with Metallica, and EDM with Virtual Riot.

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