Teaching Experience
  • Semiconductor Superlattices and Heterostructures, a special topics senior undergraduate/ graduate course offered in conjunction with the EE Department at WPI
  • Quantum Engineering, a special topics junior/ senior undergraduate course offered in conjunction with the EE Department at WPI.
  • Theory of Many Particle Systems, with applications to Solid State, Nuclear, and Particle Physics, at the advanced graduate level as a special topics course. Text: "Quantum Theory of Many Particle System'', by A. Fetter and J. D. Walecka.
  • Advanced Theory of Electricity and Magnetism, a two-semester (one year) course at the graduate level. Text: " Classical Electrodynamics'', Second Edition, by J. D. Jackson.
  • Methods of Mathematical Physics, a one- semester course at the senior undergraduate-graduate level.
  • Numerical Methods in Physics -- the Art of Numerical Analysis, a computer-oriented graduate course emphasizing symbolic algebraic analysis together with numerical analysis for the solution of physical problems. Texts: "Numerical Analysis, an Algorithmic Approach'', by Conte and de Boor, and Numerical Recipes'', by W. H. Press, B. P. Flannery, S. A. Teukolsky, and W. J. Vetterling.
  • Theory of Groups and Applications in Physics, for Graduate and Senior level students. Text: "Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics'', by M. Tinkham.
  • Classical Electromagnetic Theory, at the senior level for undergraduate students, a one semester course. I have taught this course at various times using as texts: " Electromagnetic Theory'', by J. R. Reitz, F. J. Milford and Christy; "Electromagnetic Fields'', by R. K. Wangsness.
  • Statistical Physics for seniors and beginning graduate students; Text: "Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics'', by F. Reif.
  • Introductory Electricity and Magnetism; calculus- based course for engineers and physics students, with laboratory experiments. Text: `"Physics II'', by D. Halliday and R. Resnick.
  • Introductory Mechanics; calculus-based course for engineering and physics students with laboratory experiments. Text: "Physics I'', or ``Fundamentals of Physics'', by D. Halliday and R. Resnick.
  • Survey of Modern Physics, for incoming graduate students and for senior undergraduate students in engineering and physics. Texts: (a) "Principles of Modern Physics'', by A. P. French; (b) "Special Relativity'', by A. P. French.
  • Intermediate Mechanics, for juniors. Text: " Introduction to Mechanics'', by D. Kleppner and Kolenkow.
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