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~Mass Academy~


I am a junior in high school attending Mass Academy of Math and Science, an advanced two-year secondary school program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Course links can be found on the left of this page. Prior to 11th grade, I had received my education through Leicester Public Schools. My full resume can be found on the STW page, which is located on the left-hand side of this page.


~Dance Techniques~

The first thing to know about me is: I am a dancer. I have been dedicated to the discipline of ballet, as well as other genres like jazz and lyric, for almost twelve years of my life. I began dancing with the studio Dance-Techniques when I was little, and I have been a part of their senior competition team for three consecutive years. We participate in fundraising events, as well as community performances, and we also have a recital at the end of each year!

I am currently employed as a cashier at a grocery store called Park n’ Shop, and I have a seasonal job as a sales associate at a dance store called WOW Dancewear. My hobbies include working out at the gym and hiking outside in the trails. I live on a lake, so we’re surrounded by woods! I enjoy spending the rest of my free time with people I care about.

I am interested in some community service opportunities, like Second Chance Animal Shelter, Cranstons Animal Shelter, and Saint Vincent Cancer and Wellness Center. In addition, I am on the search for colleges!