Science and Technical Writing

STW (Science and Technical Writing) is taught by Ms. Curran. In STW we learn about a range of topics ranging from understanding patents and published journal papers to grammar corrections. STW goes along with STEM for complete coverage on doing a science fair during A, B, and C term.

For our STEM fairs, we are required to write a STEM thesis which consists of a title page, a table of contents page, an abstract, a literature review, a plan, a methodology section, a results section, a conclusion, and an appendix. We have not finished our STEM theses yet, but we have finished our literature reviews. Click Here to see mine.

Prior to writing our literature review, we did a lot of reading on our STEM projects. My project was a science project, so I read lots of journal articles and took notes on them. The result is a notes file which includes notes on all the journal articles that I found helpful. Here is my notes file.