About Me

My family at Golden Gate Bridge

Hi, my name is Lance Wong and I have been a part of many school districts in my life. I was part of the Thompson Public schools from Pre-K to 3rd grade, then I moved to Wuxi where I had completed 4th and part of 5th grade at ISW. In the second half of 5th grade, I moved to Shrewsbury where I completed the second half of 5th grade up till 11th grade when I transfered to Mass Academy.


The Shrewsbury XC team 2016

During the fall of my freshman year, I decided to run cross country (XC). XC races are 5k runs on different school courses which have different terrain. I really enjoyed the races and the unity within the team and wanted to do XC again during the fall of my sophomore year. Unfortunately, I got a knee injury from running 300 miles that summer, so I stopped running competitively. I still enjoy running and frequently go out for a casual jog. Here is a picture of the Shrewsbury XC team during the Amherst Invitational Meet.


Evans Gambit

I started playing chess young and really enjoyed it, so, I decided to participate in a chess tournament at age 7. I dropped tournament chess for a while, but continued to play chess for fun. This was until 8th grade when I decided to play tournament chess again. My favorite opening in chess is the Evans gambit, pictured below. Click here to see an event which I attended.


Eagle Project Crew

I have been a member (and leader) of Troop 227 for almost 6 years now and am almost an Eagle Scout. Throughout my years as a scout, I have really enjoyed camping and learning how to lead. Meals on camping trips are particularly fun as most people will get creative with their food. Most special is the Thanksgiving camping trip where two giant turkeys are cooked in metal trash-cans. Here is a photo of me and part of the troop that helped me with my eagle project in Central Village, Connecticut.


ARML logo

Starting in 8th grade, I found out about Mathcounts and since have been interested in competition math. In high school, I have participated in the school team for regionals and states. I am currently part of Western Mass ARML, where I participated in ARML, HMMT, and MMATHS at Yale.

Community service

Me working on the roof of our resident's house

For my community service, I attended wcNE, an organization which holds an overnight camp for students. At wcNE, students work from 8 am to 4 pm at a resident’s house doing a task which they need to get done, but cannot afford. My crew was responsible for re-roofing a house. The week was very enjoyable and I got to meet a lot of new people. Here is a picture of me working on the roof of our resident's house.

SBS front of building

During my junior year, a major part of my community service hours has been volunteering at St. Bernadette School in Northborough. There, I helped teach and run the math team. I found that the experience was a lot of fun because of a group of Mass Academy kids all volunteered together. On Thursdays after school, we would carpool to SBS to plan educational lessons and math competitions for the kids. We mostly helped run in-school competitions and teach lessons on geometry, algebra, arithmetic, etc. All in all, the experience was very good for both the volunteers and the students.