Picture of me

Are you ready...?

Hello, my name is Lillian Cain and I'm currently a Junior at Mass Academy (the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science). I live on the west side of Worcester close to Doherty High School, which ironically was not my sending school. Instead I went way out of my district to attend South High Community School, which I absolutely loved.

My hobbies include...

To say I have hobbies is kind of a stretch. Basically all I do is watch Netflix, read, cook, and run. I love fantasy and am a complete sucker for alternate fairytales. I will watch, read, look at, admire, or simply just stare at anything that has something to do with ancient lore. I also really enjoy art. My favorite artist (currently) is Monet but my favorite artistic movement has to be the Pre-Raphaelites. I love the realistic settings for fantastical scenes, the vivid color scheme, and the perfect beauty of their paintings.

For more information on the Pre-Raphaelites click here.

When I actually manage to get out of the house I enjoy to walk around my neighborhood or go running (I was captain of the girls Cross Country team the two years I was at South). Hiking and camping are my favorite weekend activities, and every summer I love to travel. Actually, travel might just be my favorite thing to do. Everything about travel is fun to me, from riding in a car or airplane to trying to figure out where I am in a strange city. To me, there's nothing like sleeping in a strange bed in a strange place just waiting for the adventures of the morning.

All about my Summer.

This summer I did quite a few things despite it's brevity (thank you February snow days). I started off strong with a week at the Cape with my family (though we mainly took care of our Granny, whom I love dearly). The day after we got back I immediately started my internship at St. Gobain in their analytical chemistry lab. I spent four weeks doing that while volunteering at Umass Memorial hospital on Fridays. As soon as my internship finished (on Friday just after I had finished my volunteering for the day, as my mother loathes to waste time) we got in a van and hopped a plane to Seattle. Those two weeks were most likely the best of the whole summer. My brother and I were born in Seattle and my mother and father lived there thirteen and fifteen years respectively, so we have a lot of family friends still out there. We spent one week crashed on the floor of one such friend as we toured the city and one week crashed on the forest floors of Canada because why rent a hotel room when you can camp. (My father hates to waste money more then he hates to work for it.) Eventually we had to head home, and by the time we got back I got one whole week to do all my homework! Just kidding, I had been doing some of it throughout the summer, but still, I only had one week of me time. Unfortunately I had left a lot of my Walden reading to that week, so it was less me time and more Thoreau time. I bookended my summer with another trip to my grandparents but instead of visiting my Granny on the Cape I visited my grandparents in Acton. I got home form that on a Sunday and was in school be Wednesday, my summer (most unfortunately) complete.

Pictures From Canada and Seattle
Canadien Skyline Ferris Wheel on Seattle Warf Portrait in Chinese Garden
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