Hugh C. Lauer, Ph. D.

Adjunct Professor

Computer Science Department

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

100 Institute Road,

Worcester, MA 01609-2280


Office: Fuller Labs 144
E-mail: <my last name> at

Phone: (508) 831-5493


Office Hours




I will be on campus 4 days per week in A-, B-, and C-terms (201-17) and two or more days per week in D-term (2017).


My current offices hours are posted outside my office door and in the link above. If you wish to schedule a different time to meet, please send e-mail to the address above.


Course Web Pages


The following are my course web sites for the Academic Year 2016-2017:–


A-Term            CS-1004, Introduction to Programming for Non-Majors

B-Term            CS-2011, Intro to Machine Organization and Assembly Language

C-Term            CS-2303, System Programming Concepts

D-Term           CS-4515, Computer Architecture


Note 1: Some of the pages within these web sites require user IDs and passwords, in compliance with WPI’s Fair Use Guidelines of copyright and proprietary material. (Members of the Computer Science Department can access these materials directly by logging into the CS Department servers.)

Note 2: Course web sites are only populated as the term approaches.



MQP Topics for 2016-2017


Re-inventing BombLab:

BombLab is a programming assignment in CS-2011, Machine Organization and Assembly Language. In this assignment, students have to reverse-engineer compiled code without the benefit of source code in order to so solve a series of puzzles. Each student gets a different “binary bomb” to reverse engineer, so there is no useful benefit from directly copying solutions by classmates or from the web.


This year, two students developed an “auto-solver” for Bomblab that will analyze any binary bomb and derive the reverse-engineered information needed to solve the puzzles.


This MQP is to re-invent BombLab to make it immune from “auto-solving” and still preserve the benefits of the original BombLab challenges.