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Laurel Mitchell

Hi! I'm Laurel. I'm currently a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI. My favorite part so far is the emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. I’ve wanted to go to MAMS since I was twelve. I enjoy being challenged academically, and I love being in a community where people are of the same mindset as me. I enjoy the aspects of competition and I learn a lot by collaborating with my classmates.

Charlie at the Vet I have a pretty big family. I’m the oldest of four girls. Everyone always pities my dad. It's probably not surprising, but our house is always pretty crazy. My sisters don’t always get along, but they can be very sweet when they want to. One of my sisters, the youngest, of course, has to have all the attention. You can tell that she’s the baby. The second youngest loves to read. Somedays, it’s all she does. We probably get along best in pairs. The second oldest and I get along the best, and the youngest two love playing together. Our home is always full of life. My parents always swore we would never get a dog, but once we were home all day with nothing to do, they relented. Of course, we got a male dog to help even out the numbers a little.

Charles on the Trail This is my adorable puppy. His name is Charlie Bear. He's a baby Australian Shepherd. He's about four months old now. When he was only a few weeks old, he looked just like a bear cub. Sadly, he's started to outgrow it and look more like a dog. Fully grown, he will be more than three times larger than he is in these photos. We all treat him like a baby. Half the time, one of my sisters is carrying him around. However, he loves the attention and is getting to be more and more cuddly. His favorite activities include begging for food and playing tug. He loves eating grass and playing with his puppy friends.