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Baby AJ Painting Playing Foot Down Me Drawing

Chickens are kind of my trademark thing, in fact, they are what inspire most of my art. People may consider chickens just farm animals, but they actually make great pets. I can certainly testify to that as I have 14 hens and 3 roosters, though I would never suggest having that sort of hen to rooster ratio. They are quite fun animals, and their antics are certainly entertaining.

Art is a large part of what I do, though with school work I hardly have time for it. The majority of my art is done digitally on my iPad using the app Sketch Club. And no, digital art does not just mean I trace pictures, it's just like any other medium of art but with different tools and a helpful undo button. Sketch Club is more than just a drawing app and is also a place to socialize with other artists and show off your work. My username on it is Khonsu, and you can find me here.

Because school work isn't enough to keep me stressed and busy, I also race on the New England Devo Team. I train between 1-3 hrs every day, and race at least once a week. Little known fact: cycling is really an all year sport. I race cyclocross fall through winter, and road spring through summer. Having just finished the 2016-2017 cyclocross season, it is nice to look back at the goals I set earlier this school year and see how things have changed. Initially my website listed my hopes for the future as being to upgrade to cat 3 and to have more girls my age to compete against. Well, I've upgraded to cat 3 now, so at least one of those goals was achieved. Another great change is that the black and white photo above is no longer of me playing foot down with the man ranked 2nd in the nation in cyclocross. Instead it is a photo of me playing foot down with the new 2017 national champion!