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About me:

My name is Krish Nathan. I was born in Boston, and I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life. It’s pretty easy to guess that I root for Boston sports teams, and I especially love the Celtics. However, my pride for Boston extends past basketball; I love the history and culture of the city. Boston is where the Revolutionary War started, it’s the historical home of abolitionism, and houses of the best universities in the world. I have the general idea of pursuing engineering or computer science in university, but I’m not sure yet.

Both of my parents moved to the United States for work; my dad is a computer scientist, and my mom is a pharmacist. They come from the same region of India, Tamil Nadu. I visited there six years ago, and I want to visit my relatives again. My parents have taught me many lessons from Indian culture, such as the importance of working hard. I’m glad that they helped me learn about my heritage, because it’s given me a little better sense of my own identity.

Community Service

I completed 220 hours of community service last summer as a counselor at Hindu Heritage Summer Camp. This experience was extremely rewarding for me, as I got to teach kids about Hindu religion and philosophy. Furthermore, I spent my whole day with the kids for two weeks and I really enjoyed all the activities I did with them, such as Earth Olympics and Holi. My responsibilities were to make sure the kids were engaged in activities and to make sure they were doing well physically and emotionally at camp. Besides hanging out with the kids in my cabin, I also really enjoyed working with my fellow counselors. They were a group of funny and interesting people, and I felt that I got quite close to them by working with them. The week before camp, all the counselors had time to work together and bond at Counselor Training Week (CTW). This week was extremely fun, and it was perhaps one of the most fun experiences I’ve had.