CS1102 Accelerated Intro to Program Design
Lecture and Reading Schedule

Note: The "Extra Exercises" column provides additional practice exercises that you can try. These will not be graded, and are separate from the homework assignments. You are always welcome to bring questions on these practice problems to office hours. We strongly recommend that you try some of these exercises as you will need to be comfortable programming in Scheme by the third week of the course!

Exam Dates

Midterm Exam: Monday, Sept 20, in class
Final Exam: Thursday, Oct 14, in class

Functional Programming

DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
8/26Introduction to Scheme HTDP Chapter 2
HTDP Chapter 3
HTDP Section 2.2 Exercises
HTDP Section 2.3 Exercises
HTDP Section 3.3 Exercises
8/27Images, Symbols and Conditionals HTDP Chapter 4
HTDP Chapter 5
HTDP Section 4.3 Exercises
HTDP Section 4.4 Exercises
HTDP Section 5.1 Exercises
Homework 0
Using Images
8/30Structures HTDP Chapter 6
HTDP Chapter 7
HTDP Section 6.3 Exercises
HTDP Section 6.4 Exercises
HTDP Section 6.7 Exercises
HTDP Section 7.2 Exercises
8/31Nested Structures, Intro to Lists HTDP Section 9.1
HTDP Section 9.2
HTDP Section 9.1 Exercises
HTDP Section 9.2 Exercises
  Symbols and Strings
9/2Lists and The Design Recipe HTDP Chapter 9
HTDP Chapter 10
HTDP Section 9.5 Exercises
HTDP Section 10.1 Exercises
Homework 1
9/3Lists of structures and sorting HTDP Section 10.2
HTDP Section 10.2 Exercises
  Using Templates Effectively
insertion sort
large circles code
9/6Labor Day -- no class        
9/7Intro to higher-order functions and filter HTDP Chapter 20
HTDP Chapter 22
    Notes on loops [ppt]
Notes on loops [pdf]
9/9Filter and Map HTDP Section 19.1
HTDP Section 21.1
HTDP Section 21.2
HTDP Section 21.2 Exercises
Notes and Exercises
Homework 2
Notes and Exercises
Notes on lambdas as args
Advanced Loops (OPTIONAL) [ppt]
Advanced Loops (OPTIONAL) [pdf]
9/10Functions as Values HTDP Section 22.3
9/13Trees HTDP Chapter 14
HTDP Section 14.2 Exercises
  Notes on trees [ppt]
Notes on trees [pdf]
9/14Mutual Recursion (more trees) HTDP Chapter 15
HTDP Section 15.1 Exercises
HTDP Section 15.3 Exercises
  Code from class (incl siblings)

Designing and Implementing Languages : SlideShows

DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
9/16Introduction to Languages Notes
  Homework 3
Powerpoint Sample
Code so far
9/17A First Slideshow Interpreter Notes
    ppt-stage1.scm (code from class)
Summary of Scheme constructs
9/20Midterm Exam -- In class (CLOSED BOOK) Midterm Prep Guide
C03 midterm exam
A03 midterm exam
C04 midterm exam
9/21Adding Time Conditionals and Dynamic Content Notes
    ppt-stage2.scm (time)
ppt-stage3.scm (dynamic)
set! and when to use it


DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
9/23Introduction to Macros Macro notes
  Homework 4
9/24More Macros Same Notes
9/27And more Macros Same Notes
9/28Design Review and Intro to Monitors        

The State Machine Simulator Language

DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
9/30Languages and Macros for Finite State Machines Notes
9/31More Langs and Macros for Finite State Machines Notes

Web Programming

DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
10/4The Problem of Web Programming Notes
    Code from lecture
10/5Converting to Script Position Notes
    Problems from class
10/7More Script Position and Web Programming     Homework 6
Class code

Odds and Ends

DateLecture TopicReadingsExtra ExercisesDueNotes
10/8Recursive Macros and Error Checking in Macros Recursive Macros
Error Checking Macros
    Leaky Abstractions
10/11A Macro for Script Position Conversion Class code
10/12Wrap up and Course Evals     Homework 7
10/14Final Exam -- In class (OPEN BOOK) Prep Guide and Sample Exams
Some extra macros and languages problems

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