My Name is Joel! Welcome to my Website!


I have always loved sports. I compete at high-levels in swimming, cross country, and triathlon. I have participated on a club swim team, Crimson Aquatics, for five years. My favorite race to swim would definitely be the 1650 freestyle. I also swam on the Marianapolis Swim Team for two years, acting as captain for both of those years. I have had some very memorable moments competing in swimming. A highlight for me in swimming is winning the 500 freestyle at the 2018 Providence Cup. 1st place gets the only medal at this meet, so seeing myself seeded 2nd in the 500 free was suspenseful. The 1st place seed had a time 15 seconds faster than mine. I hung on to him for the entire race. With one length (25 yards) remaining on the last turn, the first place seed was about 7 yards ahead of me. I flip on the last wall and hear my entire team screaming for me. I push into the last length harder than I ever have before. The pool was absolutely silent while everyone waited to see the scoreboard register the times. After what seems like an eternity, the times come up. Mine is 0.08 seconds faster than 2nd place, which, for a five-minute race, is extremely close. I hear my team explode in cheers on the other side of the pool. It was absolutely extraordinary. I have also competed in cross country for 5 years. Some highlights from my cross country experience include finishing 5th in the New England Prep School league as a freshman and 3rd as a sophomore. As for triathlon, I had my first race on August 5th, 2018. I am very new to the sport of triathlon but am eager to learn more about the sport. Over the summer of 2018, I participated in triathlon camps to better my skills. I had a lot of fun participating at the 2018 USA Eastern Select Camp, with other extremely fast athletes. I look forward to competing in triathlons in the 2019 season with Crimson Aquatics!

Sports are very important to me. I have made many friends through sports. The rush that you feel when you get a best-time, win a medal, or place on a podium is amazing. I have never had more fun anywhere else than racing and cheering for my teammates at races. There's nothing better than going fast and truly knowing it.

I was also featured in the Norwich Bulletin for cross country.

Joel Swimming Joel By the Pool Joel with a Swimming Award Joel with His Swim Coach Joel Running


Before Mass Academy, I attended Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, CT. Some of my favorite subjects over those two years were Business and Entrepreneurship classes, Science classes, and English classes. I also started the Marianapolis Debate Club. Debate club was a very fun part of school for my friends and me. We did not compete but debated each other in 3v3 debates during club time. Formulating arguments and bending words to persuade in your favor is a lot of fun to me. We researched a topic for a short period of time and debated it. Some topics were generally picked up from the news, but other debates really made us think about what to argue and how. I think debate is more articulate than any other sport. You must have a formal strategy and everyone must say exactly the right thing. Bouncing ideas off of team members in a debate to form arguments is some of the most fun I’ve had. With one perfectly said statement, a whole argument can be toppled.

Developing thought-provoking and crazy ideas is a ton of fun to me. I have a list of inventions, some of them realistic, others solely humorous. The ones for fun are by far the most interesting. For example, if you enjoy running then you run on a treadmill. If you enjoy rowing, you can row on a rowing machine. But if you enjoy skiing, why not create a treadmill to ski down? It sounds so out of the box and so funny, but is it possible? How about making a wrist strap for a pencil? Especially during the last 10 minutes of an exam, dropping the pencil when you switch from erasing to writing too fast can be a problem. It sounds really funny. But if paper airplanes are banned in schools on the basis that they hit eyes, why wouldn't this be a required addition? (Credit to fellow Mass Academy student, Marissa Gardner, for originally creating this idea) Can we make cheeseburger flavored soda? This would be delicious! At drink machines, specifically the touch screen ones with hundreds of options, can we have a menu with delicious drink combinations? I know that I have complex soda recipes made by mixing 3 or more sodas. They are extremely precise, using specific amounts to create the perfect flavor. These drink recipes could be hung up on a laminated copy by the machine. I know that I would really enjoy this Even if I am thinking a little too outside of the box, it's definitely a lot of fun for me to think about.


My brother is currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, studying athletic training. My mother owns her own pet sitting company based around Oxford called “Rising Sun Pet Sitting”. My father is the head food service director at Marianapolis Preparatory School. We have one dog named Koda. We adopted Koda in the summer of 2017 from the Newfoundland Rescue. She is still a Newfoundland puppy and only a year old. She may be young, but she’s 120 pounds! She likes ice cubes, snow, and chewing on bones.

Joel's Dog Joel's Dog Running in the Snow

I earned my Eagle Scout in December 2017. For my Eagle project, I built a bridge for the Charlton Middle School cross country team. The bridge keeps runners safer than running or jumping over the wet rocks that were on the original course. My entire family is also big into Boy Scouts. We have 6 Eagles Scouts across 3 generations (so far)! Some of my favorite experiences in Scouting include going to summer camp for a week each summer, camping trips, and white water rafting. My troop also went to Seabase at Florida Keys in the summer of 2017 where we sailed the ocean on an 80-foot schooner for 5 days. We snorkeled at reefs and visited islands. It was an adventure I’ll never forget! My Family's Scouting Journey

Joel At His Eagle Scout Ceremony A picture of the Key West Ocean