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Lab Overview

Our research aims to achieve a systems-level understanding of how social behaviors are regulated by small-molecule signals. Using neurobiological, genetic, and molecular approaches, we will understand how these small molecules function at both cellular and circuit levels, thereby providing insights on how the nervous system encodes and integrates ‘social’ sensory information. Further investigation of this signaling system will help address how the human brain processes environmental stimuli and regulates its internal state to generate different social behaviors.

Jagan Srinivasan, PhD

Professor Jagan Srinivasan was originally born and raised in India. He completed his undergraduate course work at the University of Chennai earning a BS in Zoology and Chemistry. He then moved on to his MS at Goa University completing a degree in Marine Biology and Biotechnology. Professor Srinivasan thereupon relocated to Tuebingen, Germany where he completed his Ph.D in Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology. His postdoctoral research soon after sent him to Pasadena, California where he studied the evolution of behavior in C. elegans at the California Institute of Technology and further-more small-molecule metabolites regulating social behaviors in C. elegans at Caltech. After his time in Pasadena, in 2012, Professor Srinivasan moved to the opposite side of the country where he now is an Assistant Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. While simultaneously teaching classes he also focuses on researching brain process signaling and social behaviors using the model system C. elegans. His C. elegans work not only deals with the neurobiology but also biodiversity and ecology of C. elegans which can be seen in the Nematode Citizen Science Project.

Office Location: Life Sciences Bioengineering Center, Gateway Park, Room Nr. 4026