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My Current School:

My name is Jonathan Sigel, and I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Sciences. Since the fourth grade, the STEM fields have been my passion, and I am extremely grateful that the city of Worcester has given me so many opportunities to pursue my career of choice. This website will be a portfolio for my academic work at Mass Academy.

A picture of Mass Academy

Past Schools and Science Projects:

Before attending Mass Academy, I attended Doherty Memorial High School and Forest Grove Middle School. While at Doherty, I was a student in the Engineering and Technology Academy. Additionally, I have participated in numerous science fairs over the years. From fifth to eleventh grade, I have built a Rube Goldberg machine, constructed a stereoscope, and tested the thermal energy contained in different wavelengths of light. My projects have led me to numerous Ecotarium science fair competitions, the regional science fair hosted at WPI, and even the State science fair on one occasion.

A picture of my sending school.

My Hobbies:

My hobbies include running (if you need someone to get second to last in a race, I am your man), reading, writing, and programming. Over the years I have taught myself how to code, and have started to develop custom made games. I hope to eventually get one of my creations on Steam Greenlight. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to studying programming, I have also started to explore animation and graphic design. My development tools of choice are Game Maker Studio for coding, and Aseprite for developing graphics and animating.

An animation of a boss fight from my game.

Community Service:

Juniors at Mass Academy must complete fifty hours of community service before the start of their senior year. For my first eight hours of community service, I volunteered at Bancroft Tower. For one month a year, the Bancroft Tower is opened for public viewing. My job at the tower was to collect survey information, and to record a promotional video for the tower.

Bancroft Tower

External Links:

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