Hello! My name is Jack Barnhart and I am a student at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science.

I live with my dad, mom, and 2 dogs named Everest and Alaska. Last summer, we visited Ireland for the first time. A large part of my family's heritage stems from Ireland so it was exciting to travel to the land where my ancestors once lived. This October I traveled to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean for a week. It was a lot of fun spending a week on the tropical island, I had an opportunity to see a sea turtle and a spotted eagle ray up close in the ocean.

Over the past summer, I volunteered at Christopher House, a retirement home where I worked alongside the residents as an activities assistant. I was given the opportunity to meet many new people with a lot of unique experiences in life. I was able to develop a few strong relationships with some of the residents during daily visits. I will never forget some of the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet during my time at Christopher House. Unfortunately, one of the residents passed away between two of my visits. Devastated as I may have been, the experience aided me in understanding the importance of what I was doing, making the last few years of these wonderful people's lives the best they could possibly experience. Over the upcoming summer, I plan to volunteer at Christopher House and have the chance to reconcile with some of the people I met in the past.

Before attending Mass Academy, I went to Grafton Public Schools from kindergarten through 10th grade. I have always enjoyed math and science, along with the various strategies involved in forming new ideas. I find the two subjects interesting because I enjoy discovering solutions to problems using both innovative and defined processes. In 4th grade I began participating in my school’s Math Olympiad team, a competition that requires creative thinking and discovering abnormal strategies to solve the problems at hand. Within my school, I lead in overall score every year I participated, from 4th to 8th grade. I also joined my former school’s chess club in 3rd grade, having never played before, and wound up winning every year from 4th to 8th grade as well. The majority of students at my old school would constantly complain about the workload, however, I have always enjoyed being challenged educationally, and was excited to be accepted at Mass Academy, where I can be challenged far more than at my previous school.

Alongside schoolwork, I have always excelled at a number of sports, particularly basketball and golf. I have played basketball every year since 4th grade when kids could officially join teams, and have played town recreation, travel, and AAU basketball every year possible since. Of the three, only AAU advances beyond the age of 14 so I joined my former school’s basketball team in 8th grade and have continued to play for the high school team up until this year. It is not possible for me to play as a Junior at Mass Academy, however I hope my schedule as a Senior allows me to rejoin the Varsity team next year. Basketball has always been my favorite sport, however in relation to other kids, my best sport is golf. I played on my school’s Varsity team as a Freshman and Sophomore, and have competed in two official matches over that time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate on my school’s Golf team as a Junior either due to scheduling issues, a problem that may solve itself when I am a Senior, allowing me to once again join the team. I have always been a very big fan of sports, and enjoy watching all Boston’s sports teams constantly win championships in their respective sports. My favorite team specifically is the Celtics, as basketball is my overall favorite sport. I greatly enjoy educational pastimes, but undeniably the most enjoyable way I spend my time is by playing or watching various sports.

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