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Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Jerry Fu.

I am currently studying at the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science, where I spend most of my day. I would talk about my favorite subject, but since all of my teachers here will likely read this I must refrain. I have one sibling. Her name is Jasmine and she is 6 years, 5 months and 11 days younger than me. My parent both grew up in China then moved here shortly following graduation from college. As such the language that I learned first was Chinese and my English choppy at best. Now my English has improved at the cost of my Chinese. Although I still would be indistinguishable as an American kid in China I am not able to write well.

What peers deemed to be the most exciting event of my life was when I was attacked by a drunk man in China. This would be much more interesting if I were able to recall all of the story, however, I was five when the event happened and therefore cannot remember anything outside of the event and the calling of 110 (the Chinese version of 911) and waiting for several hours while the man hit the car. While this is my most interesting story my defining characteristic seems to be my sneezing fits. Other people sneeze once at a time. I sneeze 3-5 times on average. I also like to nap. If my recommended 2.4* 10^999 hours of sleep per day is not reached I get sleepy and crabby. As you have probably figured out this is an impossible amount and therefore I am sleepy and crabby all the time. I am a nerd, as you may have gathered by my going to this school, and like all nerds I am nerdy Specifically I am a math nerd, math is great, it can be set in stone yet so flexible, for example rules in math are unbendable but problems can be done many different ways. Science is also very interesting but I am absolutely addicted to math.

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Now allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite logic puzzles: The Blue Forehead Room. Imagine a game show, possibly one of the least appealing in the world, in which contestants have their foreheads painted a color and are placed in a dark room. Then a series of rounds begin. A round begins when the lights in the room turn on. Everyone is given the chance to observe the foreheads of every other contestant and after ample time has passed the lights turn back off. If anyone realizes that they have a blue forehead then during the period when the lights are off they leave the room. The contestants are informed that at least one of them has a blue forehead. The riddle is this: if 100 perfect logicians participate in this show and all of their foreheads are painted blue, then how many rounds would it take for them to all leave?

Game Show

Hint: Try the problem with a smaller group e.g. 3 people.

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