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Hello! My name is Iti and I am currently a junior at Mass Academy. I live in Lancaster, MA and I had previously attended Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton. At Nashoba, I had taken many challenging courses and made very close friends during my time there. However, when I laid my eyes on MAMS, I knew it was the best fit for me, given that it was a STEM, Math and Science school. Ever since the end of elementary school, I had grown a strong love for math and the sciences. Fortunately for me, the hard work had paid off and I got a chance to attend Mass Academy (which was recently named the best high school in MA according to Niche.com)!

Mass Academy Nashoba


Personally, I enjoy playing all sports and I am a huge Boston sports fan. From the Celtics to the Pats, I try to watch any and every game I can (when I have the time), and hope to see the local teams succeed. As a matter of fact, I have even played on the court of the TD Garden, the arena that hosts the Boston Celtics and have met a former Celtics player, Jeff Green. Below, you can see pictures of me on the court during a halftime "scrimmage" of a Celtics game against the Orlando Magic and when I met Jeff Green.

Me on the Court Jeff Green and Me Boston Sports!

I am also a huge business enthusiast and I follow stocks and monitor a virtual stock portfolio at a site called Investopedia.com In addition to this, I have participated in a business club called DECA, allowing me to further pursue my interests in the fields of business and mathematics. In DECA, I was asked to create a new “invention” that would potentially change the world in some way or another. At the competitions, we were asked to present and pitch our ideas to judges, in a way similar to the popular TV show “Shark Tank” by including the various factors such as costs, plan of actions, and target goals. I hope to pursue a career in this field down the road, and hopefully at Mass Academy I’ll be equipped with the right tools to do so!

Stocks DECA Logo


In addition to my academics and my strong passion for sports, my family and I travel a lot. I have been to the other side of the world and back many times, considering the fact that India is almost directly on the other side of planet from us here in Massachusetts. Almost all of my family, besides my sister, my parents and a few cousins, live in India, and as a result, we visit them almost every other year. In addition to international travel, my family and I have also visited many parts of the US as well. From Las Vegas, Nevada to Acadia National Park in Maine, we have covered many of the USA’s most iconic places. Major ones left would probably be Yellowstone National Park and possibly Mount Rushmore. Ironically, I was born near San Francisco, CA, truly showing how mobile our family really is! Below, you can see pictures of our travels from Acadia National Park, the Hoover Dam, and from Anteloupe Canyon.

Acadia Hoover Dam Anteloupe Canyon

Community Service

For community service this year, I participated in an ongoing research at WPI with mobile educational games called IMGD. In IMGD, we were broken into groups to develop apps for children to improve their critical thinking skills by integrating movement into mobile-based games. The games we created were geared towards fourth grade students and they included mathematical topics that were appropriate for their grade level. The study was conducted in an effort to find a correlation, if there is one, between movement and critical thinking. With younger students being the target audience, the games were easy to create and could potentially be played by students around the world. Here is the link to the mobile ed games/IMGD department at WPI. Over the summer, I am hoping to volunteer at the middle school I used to go to and try to give back to my community where I was brought up.