WPI's Student Comedy Productions presents:

What's it all about? Where did it come from?

There were two previous festivals at WPI. The first, "Evil Pac Man Jesus Fish", took place in February of 2004, and the second, "A Bid Flew Into A Plane Of Glass", in April of 2006. These festivals, each two nights long, featured comedy troupes from as far away as Pennsylvania. The idea was for WPI's comedy troupes to reach out and build more of a community with other schools, to give the WPI audience a chance to laugh even more than usual, and to see what hilarious performances students besides our own have invented. It's worked out even better than expected - both nights of each festival saw the highest turnout of any student comedy performance at WPI before it, a tradition we aim to continue!

The biggest difference between this festival and those in the past is cooperative planning; whereas in the past only one group finished the naming, the set, the t-shirt, the logo, the line-up, and the hosting, now all three WPI groups have had a hand in every part of the festival. And may I say, it's going to be a show you won't easily forget.

The old website for the "Evil Pac Man Jesus Fish" comedy festival is still around; have a look, if you're curious.