WPI's Student Comedy Productions presents:

So where is this festival, anyway?

The festival takes place in Alden Hall, shown above, on the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Insitute (WPI). Those from WPI already know where it is. For those coming from farther away, here's a description of how to get here.

First of all, WPI's address is 100 Institute Rd, Worcester MA 01609. We recomend using google maps or mapquest to find a good route from your school to ours. Typical routes to WPI involve travel on I-290, exiting onto Highland Street (Rt 9) towards Worcester Airport and turning right onto West Street. You should only need to follow West Street past one road (Institute), where there is a bright red WPI main entrance sign. You'll go uphill, passing under a small footbridge, and turn left onto the Quad drive. Visitor parking surrounds the Quad. Leave some time to figure out parking, especially if you're coming before 6:00 PM, because our parking situation is fairly poor. There are other lots you could park in - for more information, contact us.

Here's a campus map to show Alden relative to other buildings and parking: