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Welcome to my website. My name is Heather Wing. I'm from Marlborough, MA, and I am currently a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science in Worcester. After spending five years at my previous school, the Advanced Math and Science Academy, I decided to move on to Mass Academy. This year, I hope to gain many new and valuable experiences with school, friends, and family.

Image of my class
This is an image of my class at MAMS

About Me

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My Hobbies

I love both math and art, as well as robotics, public speaking, softball, and engineering (the above image was taken from EDW, a design research program I attended the summer of 2015). I've had the great opportunity to experiment with many different fields of math and science, and therefore I have decided to use my experiences to help others.

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My Travels

I've been to China, Coasta Rica, Europe (England, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands), and all over America. Of all of my travels, my favorite place was Bacharach, Germany, featured in the picture above.

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I love music. There's always a song stuck in my head. Personally, my favorite genre is alternative rock, but I will listen to anything from pop to classic rock. I like bands such as Muse, The Beatles, Fall Out Boy, AC/DC, The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, Kongos, My Chemical Romance, Queen, and Vance Joy. However, my favorite band, twenty one pilots, has no specific genre. I'd classify it as electronic pop, or ukulele rap, or just alternative rock, but I think the point is that they have no genre. This is a photo of them.


Research links
I've done research in bioengineering (allergens, bacteria), egineering, and neurology.

Image of my MIT project


I spent a summer at MIT at the Engineering Design Workshop (EDW)working on an engineering project. The original goal was to create a project that merged aspects of programming, hardware, and teamwork in equal amounts. We eventually formed a group of twelve, the largest group that EDW had. I became one of the project leaders, but we all put a lot of effort into our project. Our final design was a large light matrix that could interact with motion sensors. Our hope was to turn it into an exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. Though this iteration of the board won't end up in the museum, an engineering exhibit will soon be available for people to learn about engineering.

Click on this link to see what we did.


Image of my BLI project


My research in biology was carried out at the Boston Leadership Academy in Wellsely, MA. In the summer of 2014, I spent three weeks researching and designing a synthetic bacterium that could potentially prevent anaphylactic shock in humans.

Click on this link to see what we did.

Contact Me

Contact me at: hwing@wpi.edu
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