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Personal Information

Hello, my name is Harsh Patel, and I am currently a junior at Mass Academy. Before Mass Academy, I attended the Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA) from 8th grade to 10th Grade. I was born on January 19, 2003 in Massachusetts and I have lived in the state my entire life. I used to live in Natick, however, my family moved and now I am a resident of Westborough, MA. I have an interest in computers and computer hardware, which drove me to build my personal desktop, which is the same one that I still use to this day. I also have an interest in biology, and I am especially curious on neuroscience and how our brains work. I’m hoping to go into biotech in order to fuel both my technology and biology interests.

My family originates from Gujarat, India. Both my parents were immigrants who moved to Massachusetts. My family consists of my father, my mother, and my younger brother. My brother is three years younger than me and he is currently an 8th grader at AMSA, my mom is a pharmacist, and my dad is an entrepreneur. I have five cousins, two from my dad’s side and three from my mother’s side. I’m and closer to two of my cousins, Purav and Dhruv, on my mother’s side. The oldest, Purav, is just one year younger than me.

At AMSA, the main STEM classes I took were AP Biology, PreCalculus with Mr. Azeredo, and Java, with AP Biology being my favorite subject and Java being my next favorite subject. I also took the mandatory classes like Chemistry, US History, and English. The extracurriculars I took at AMSA were Math Team and Cloud Computing Club. For Math Team, we participated in WOCOMAL, which was a competition in which schools deployed teams to do rounds of math, and the team with the most total points win. In Cloud Computing Club, we learned how to use Microsoft’s cloud software, Microsoft Azure, to run things in the cloud, such as websites, SQL Databases, etc.

A picture of me at my first day in MAMS
Me and my dad at Fenway Park
My family and my cousin's family at Universal Studios Florida
Me at Kennedy Space Center