STW is taught by Dr. C and helps us with writing and data analysis related to our individual STEM projects. In the class, we learn about stuff like proper note taking, how to properly email an expert and ask for help or advice on a topic related to our projects, and how to properly format and write our lit reviews. We do a lot of peer reviewing in the class, which I always enjoy because it gives me the chance to learn about other people’s projects.

Project Proposal

This was the first major assignment we had related to our STEM project. The layout of the document included most of the questions we had to answer when submitting to SEFOS for approval. SEFOS basically just makes sure all of the projects are safe and don’t have harmful procedures.

Lit Review

This provides most of the important background research I did on my STEM project topic, which is about the connections between language and music. It also provides context for why my project is needed, and leads into what my project will focus on.

Stats Presentation

For the Stats presentation, I worked with Ryan and Andrew. We focused on the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test. Statistics will be important when we are analyzing the results of our STEM projects so we can back up how strong our hypotheses were.

Project Notes

Here are the notes I took while researching my project, They provided the groundwork for my proposal, lit review, and later research.