At Mass Academy, there are two different languages you can choose to take: French or Spanish (I take Spanish). In Lang class, you’re only allowed to speak in the target language. We have conversations, read books, watch movies, and are even making our own movies, all to help us become more proficient in the target language. Coming from a typical language class with lots of notes and conjugations, I appreciate how engaging the class is, and feel like I have improved my speaking skills greatly. I also enjoy how there’s less focus on memorization and more focus on communication.

Personal Essay

Towards the end of a term, we usually have a series of assignments which determine our progress in speaking and writing. We have to record ourselves reading an article in Spanish, and we also write essays using vocab we’ve learned over the term. Here is my essay from A term.


Here is just one example of some of the fun things we get to do in Lang to improve our Spanish skills. Ryan and I worked together to create this beautiful meme, which really sums up a major part of the Mass Academy experience.