Our math class is way different than any math class I’ve taken before. This was a huge adjustment at first. Every week or so, you get new seats and have the opportunity to learn from a whole new set of people. This class has given me a whole new appreciation for everything you can do with math. The way the class is set up, it’s very focused on students teaching each other rather than a traditional classroom setup. Sometimes you also have to present the solution to a problem on the board in front of the class, which can be stressful. We do all kinds of topics, from math modeling to Mathematica assignments to the Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s Triangle and more typical Precalc topics.

HiMCM Paper

HiMCM is a 36 hour math competition where a team has to solve a complicated math modeling problem. I worked with Ryan, Maria, and Liv, and we chose to do a problem about the environmental and economic impacts of a water bottle ban to determine whether or not bans are worth it. Our HiMCM paper was written all in Mathematica.

Hanford Problem

Mathematica is a powerful tool that has many graphing capabilities. When you know how to use it, it can make your life a lot easier. However, in the beginning, it was difficult to learn how to use, because there’s a lot of specific syntax stuff you have to keep in mind. This assignment was one that we completed when we were first learning how to use Mathematica.