Hum class is basically a combination of a typical English and History class. This means that we also have the unique opportunity to look at writing through more of a historical perspective. Oftentimes, when we’re studying a subject, we look at the history but also literary work from a certain time period. So far, we’ve studied Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, ancient civilizations, satirical writing and rhetoric, and diversity in the United States. The course focuses on writing, and we do plenty of essays, but there’s also a lot of in class discussions both in larger and smaller groups, and plenty of opportunities to work on group projects.

Bradbury Essay

To the left is an essay on the effectiveness of different techniques employed in Ray Bradbury’s short stories towards presenting his ideas. We discussed the historical context of the short stories in class, and talked about the warnings Bradbury was conveying. As a STEM school that’s very focused on technology, it was very interesting to get that other perspective about the dangers of technology.

Satirical Analysis Essay

To the right is an essay about some of the satirical devices used in Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, which we read in class. We also learned about the context in which it was written and the famine that was widespread throughout Ireland during that time. This was written as part of a larger unit on satire, and in addition to this essay, we also wrote our own satirical pieces, which was fun to get to do. Ryan and I wrote about typical interactions with customers in a service job.