All State

I play the bassoon in the WPI orchestra, and I have also played in the district orchestra and the All-State band. Playing in the All-State band was an incredible experience- not only was the caliber of playing level so high, our conductor also spent a long time talking to us about her experiences as a musician and where she saw the future of music going. I had the privilege of playing at Symphony Hall (pictured to the right), which was completely surreal. My two favorite moments when performing are the feeling during a piece when you know you’re giving it your all, and you just feel so in sync with the people around you and the conductor and the piece of music, and then when the piece is over and there’s just this sense on the stage that you all did it together. Although I play the bassoon in all the ensembles that I’m a part of currently, the flute was my first instrument, and I’d love to learn to play the piano someday.

The All-State concert at Symphony Hall in March.


Additionally, I play in the Worcester Youth Symphony Orchestra (WYSO), in which I am co-principal. I am also involved in the WYSO quintet, which is an ensemble made up of one flute player, one bassoonist, one clarinetist, one French horn player, and one oboist. One of the most unexpected benefits of being a part of WYSO was the friendships and connections I formed as a result. We come from a variety of different towns, with a variety of different interests outside of music. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but music brought us together, and now it’s tough to imagine my life without WYSO and the people I’ve met as a result.

This was taken at our last concert of the year at Mechanic's Hall in Worcester.

More Pictures :)

Tanglewood Quintet Newport

From left to right: Some friends and me at a Tanglewood concert over the summer, WYSO quintet at our spring performance, and some friends from WYSO and me on a trip to Newport.

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I also have two jobs- I work at the Fine Arts movie theatre in Maynard and Shaw’s Supermarket in Stow. I’ve worked at Shaw’s on the cash register for over a year, and I’m just starting out at the Fine Arts. One plus about the Fine Arts job is that while you’re working, you get free popcorn, soda, and pretzels. While I enjoy working at Shaw’s, Fine Arts is also nice because it’s smaller and more community oriented- for example, there’s a group called the Fans of Film that hosts movie nights where they show classic or independent films, and a lot of people from town come to watch. However, there are always the people that routinely come to Shaw’s on Sunday mornings as well, and I’ve gotten to know a few of them, which has been nice.

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I have danced for over ten years, and when I was four and starting out with my first dance class, I would never have dreamed of how impactful the art form would be in my life. Dance was never easy for me, but it taught me how to work hard without being too hard on myself. I’ve taken classical ballet, modern, and character classes among many others, but character, a type of European folk dancing, was by far my favorite because of how fast and powerful it could be while still being expressive. Last year, I went to dance six days a week, year round. This year, I had to take a break from attending classes because of the time commitment of my new school. With my dance studio, Boston Ballet, so far away from my house, it just wasn’t possible to continue taking classes, as much as I wanted to. I hope to resume my classes either next year or when I’m in college.

My dance studio held a community performance of the Nutcracker in Newton last December.



Last year, I chose to help out at info sessions, volunteer collecting food for Abby’s House, and mentor students as a part of Project CODY. The info sessions were really rewarding- I enjoyed talking to prospective students, and it gave me the opportunity to reflect on why I’m so grateful to be a part of the Mass Academy community. I really loved getting to show other students that they, too, have a place here. I also really enjoyed helping out collecting food for Abby’s House- a picture of some of the food we collected is to the left. Finally, I helped out as a mentor for Project CODY, an online summer program. I personally helped teach kids about web design through HTML and CSS and also helped in an earlier session helping kids get the hang of coding through an online platform called Scratch, which was a really fun time.