Computer Science

Computer Science was one of the classes I was most nervous and most excited to try, because I never had the chance to do anything like it at my sending school. Although it was definitely an adjustment at first, and I was completely lost a lot of the time in the beginning, it’s now one of my favorite classes. Some of the exercises and labs we do are definitely challenging, but it’s so cool how many different ways there are to come up with a solution and how many different things you can do with CS. I especially like creating programs for exercises that are interactive and take user input. I love the feeling of finally testing a program and having it work the way it’s supposed to, which usually takes me a solid amount of time to achieve. Although I had no background in CS prior to taking this class, I definitely want to pursue CS further. Currently, we are programming in Java.

Mrs. Taricco also runs the CyberPatriot elective, which I also really enjoyed. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was before I signed up, but I’m glad I did. Basically, you and your team work to improve cyber security on a variety of different operating systems. I usually worked on the Ubuntu system.

Graphics Lab


This was one of the very first labs we did. I drew out everything on a sheet of paper before hard coding anything, which made it a lot easier. Click on the picture to see my code!

Line Art Lab


We did this lab later on in the year when we learned about iterations, or how to do things over and over again without typing out dozens of lines of code. It would have taken forever to do this lab if we had to draw out every individual line, but luckily, iterations meant the computer did the work for us. Click on the picture to see my code!

Apps for Good

Apps for Good

Apps for Good was a project that challenged us to find a problem and solve it by creating an app. Andrew, Kayla, and I worked to create a planner app that would help motivate students to complete assignments as well as stay organized, our target audience being high school students. We created an app where a user could belong to a variety of different classes and check off items as completed as well as see how many other students had already completed an assigned task. Assignments could be viewed on the homepage or on an individual class page. Check out our proposal, design doc, and presentation to learn more!

Apps Documents

Apps Presentation