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A Little Bit About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Hannah Boyce and I am currently a junior at Mass Academy from Groton. Previously I was enrolled at Bishop Guertin High School, a private Catholic school in Nashua, NH. My dad was the one who found Mass Academy when I was in eighth grade, and junior year seemed so far away from then, and I doubted that I would get in, but here I am today! I came to Mass Academy because I was looking for a different learning experience and I love math and science. Go check out my other pages to learn more about my classes.

Dominica Exhibition

During the summer of 2015 I went on a scientific exhibition with 13 other students from my school to the small rural country of Dominca. Here we spent the first week at the Archbold center doing terrestrial surveys and the second at Fort Shirley scuba diving twice a day. At the Archbold center there were about ten scientists each doing research on a specific aspect of the island, micro-invertebrates, marine biology, bats, birds, and invasive anolis. There were three groups of students and each group spent a day with one of these scientists doing surveys and collecting data, often in the morning, and then analyzing it in the afternoon. Bird day was my favorite since at the end the ornithologist allowed me to survey a bird completely by myself. Each day went by too quickly and we tended to conclude with card games or Cards Against Humanity.

The following week was marine week which was set up a little differently. We had lectures twice a day that taught us about different types of sponges, coral, algae, fish, and crustaceans. We then had to identify these life forms under water, which was somewhat of a challenge. We also got to see plenty of cool animals, including a barracuda, a seahorse, lionfish, cuddlefish, and too many fish and coral to name. I had such a good time learning about the unique ecosystem of this island, as well as bonding with people from my previous school. I would highly suggest learning more, especially if you have an interest in ecology or environmental science and wish I could go again. This trip also helped me get the idea for my STEM project. To learn more about that check out my STEM page.

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Dominica Waterfall Catching Anoli Lizards Catching Birds View of the island from boat


My favorite thing to do is swim. I have been competing since I was seven and have been on a variety of teams. Currently I am practicing with my team of five years, Southern NH Fins (Cick here for more info), on the weekend and with Greenwood (Click here for more info) during the week. Freestyle is my favorite stroke, followed by Butterfly and my best and favorite event is 100 Free and I plan on making Age Groups this year. Swimming has introduced me to my closest and best friends. It has taught me time management and how hard work pays off. In 2014 the girls team from Bishop Guertin were runner-ups in Division 1 State Championships and I won the 200 Free relay with three of my friends. In 2015 we were runner-ups again with a very small team.

This is a picture of my swim team from Bishop Guertin

Senior Night

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