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last updated: August 17,2006



Building Bridges to Science and Engineering Courses

 Frontiers in Engineering Education Conference, Boston, November 2002


An Outcomes Oriented Approach to Calculus Instruction

April 2001 Journal of Engineering Education, pp. 203-206

            (Vol. 90, No. 2)

            (This is directly related to Calculus II and Calculus IV.)


Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Between Math, Science and Engineering Courses” with Arthur Heinricher, Judith Miller, Chrysanthe Demetry,

            Stephen Pierson, Suzanne Gurland, Valerie Crawford, Paula Quinn and Martha Pinnet

            in Vol. IX, No. 1, Spring 2002 Journal for the Art of Teaching, pp. 55-72


“Augmenting Linear Algebra Courses to Serve Science and Engineering Students”,

            in Vol. IX, No. 1, Spring 2002 Journal for the Art of Teaching, pp. 73-84.


“Outcomes Oriented Undergraduate Courses – Reflections and Experiences” with Lance Schacterle

            presentation at American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) , Boston, June 20-23, 2002


Published Articles not on-line


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Linear algebra projects: