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Rivalry Boundry



There are six events in which the Goats's Head Trophy must be shown at.


Each year the first event in the quest for the Goatís Head Trophy is the Rope Pull. The original tug-of-war was held at Salisbury Pond in 1909. Each team was composed of 40 members whose respective sides of the pond were designated by the flip of a coin. The opposing teams lined up on opposite sides of the pond and began the battle, with the objective of pulling the other team into the pond.

Founders Day:

The second event of the Goatís Head Rivalry is held during Founders's Day, typically during elebrity Squares, which is played like the television show Hollywood Squares. It is held each November during the celebration of Founders Day. A panel of alumni, faculty, and students, portraying notable WPI figures from past and present, make up the panel. The students are split up into two teams, sophomores and freshmen, and must either agree or disagree with the panelís answers to various questions about the history and traditions of WPI.

Eskimo Relay:

The third event of the Rivalry is held during Winter Carnival. It takes place on the Quad and, depending on the weather, usually involves snow. The goal of this event is to be the team who completes the relay, involving various pieces of WPI paraphernalia, in the least amount of time.

Gompeiís Birthday:

A time for WPI students to celebrate with their favorite goat. It is hosted by the Student Alumni Society, and features inflatables, party games, and of course, cake. Gompei makes an appearance and poses for photographs.

Traditions Day:

Now held on the second Thursday of April. Itís a time to reflect on WPIís history and traditions. On the evening before, a Candlewalk around campus is done while singing the Alma Mater. On this day, SAS members host three Freshman-Sophomore Rivalry events: Pennant Rush, Cage Ball, and WPI Jeopardy. The class to win two out of three events wins the rivalry point for the day.

In the event of a tie in the freshman-sophomore rivalry (including the three on traditions day) SAS may hold the Junior-Senior mystery event.

Junior Senior Mystery Event:

Held during Quadfest in the spring, this is the final event in the Goat's Head Rivalry. As its name suggests, the junior and senior members of the Student Alumni Society plan this event and it is a surprise to the freshmen and sophomores.